Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Creperie by Jack N Jill: A Name is a Terrible Thing to Waste

I fancy myself a fairly intelligent speciman. I use words like "speciman," watch Anderson Cooper (He has really pretty eyes), and peruse the New York Times website on a daily basis. I even sometimes read the articles that aren't in the Style or Food sections.

Despite my best intentions to maintain an aura of superiority over everyone in my general breathing space, I sometimes, occasionally make irrational decisions. Like when I didn't buy that pink jacket at Anthropologie three years ago. Or when I convinced myself that I could make a left turn at a red light on Doheny and Olympic if I just went really really fast. Or when I ordered a salad at the new Los Angeles West 3rd Street eatery called the Creperie two Sundays ago.

Ever since I morphed into a full-fledged foodie, I have strictly abided to the general rules of restaurant propriety by ordering what an eatery is known for rather than what is merely a menu page filler for picky people who refuse to challenge their palate. Ordering a salad at a restaurant that specializes in crepes is akin to ordering the salmon at Mastro's Steakhouse, the chicken teriyaki at Katsu-ya, or a sugar-free chocolate at See's. It's just wrong.

Unfortunately, due to my inability to sleep my usual eight hours the night before, I was experiencing decreased mental activity and concentration, and had what some less intelligent folk who don't use their words refer to as a "brain fart." While the pecan citrus salad ($11.95) sounded like a gold mine with its grilled chicken, field greens, mandarin oranges, avocado, candied pecans, almonds, granny smith apple, blue cheese crumbles (I subbed feta), dried cranberries, golden raisins and citrus vinaigrette, two bites into my lunch I realized that I'd been served trail mix rather than the light salad I envisioned. It wasn't bad, and the ingredients were fresh, but if I wanted trail mix, I'd go to Trader Joe's and buy a bag!

Pecan Citrus Salad: Is it a salad or trail mix?

The warm, lemon-accented corn bread (pictured below) that came with the salad helped placate my regret some, but as I watched plate after plate of delicate crepes make their rounds about the somewhat noisy space, my tongue quivered with anger at my brain's synaptic misfire.
Fortunately, my mother did sleep the night before, and was prescient enough to order the Evangeline lunch crepe ($10.95) that oozed artichoke hearts, tomatoes, chicken breast, mozzarella, and basil cream sauce, and came with a garden salad that was an actual salad. Since my mother went through that whole childbirth thing with me and shares my generally superior DNA, she was more than happy to do splitters with me. As I bribed her with candied pecans, mandarin oranges and an excess of dried cranberries in exchange for bites of her decadently delectable crepe, I was hit with blow after blow of my inferior ordering decision.

Evangeline Crepe

Aside from my ordering transgression and momentary failure as a foodie/intelligent speciman, I was genuinely pleased with my Creperie experience -- and not just because my mother and I received a table immediately and didn't have to resort to playing "I Spy" to get through the exorbitant amount of time it takes to be seated at most W. Third St. lunch/brunch spots. Can I really blame a restaurant for not putting a menu addendum warning illogical patrons that specialties are specialties for a reason and the Creperie is not called "the Creperie" because it serves good salads? No. I can admit when I'm in the wrong. But only because I'm in the right the other 99.9% of the time.


Jennifer said...

Ewww. Sugar free chocolate? It's totally wrong.

Hope you make it back there before the Toast crowd catches on and migrates West. And they typically do. Sigh.

Aurora said...

A most brillant blog with a clever and quirky twist! I would trusyl any and all food queries with this chick...finally something I'm not ashamed to read (that still doens't stop me from sneaking a peek at Perez every once in a while!) This should go in a survival guide for LA LA land!