Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pazzo Gelato: Will Travel For Good Gelato

Silverlake. The word striketh fear in the hearts of many Los Angelos living west of La Brea (and not just because they grow anxious around hipsters). As a resident of the Fairfax District, when I hear "Silverlake" I hear the sound of angry car horns and my precious $4.45 a gallon gas dripping down a drain. LA driving is not kind to my fuel tank (or nerves), and in a town that is built upon stop-and-go traffic, five miles is a long distance to travel for anything. I would probably even cite a five-mile separation as a relationship deal breaker.

Unless said relationship involved food. And ice cream.

Pazzo Gelato, located at 3827 W. Sunset Blvd in the "Sunset Junction," isn't exactly doing favors for my vehicle, but it is doing favors for my taste buds. Enough favors that I am inclined to walk 500 miles for it. Okay, maybe not 500 miles, but nobody has written a song about walking or even driving 5 miles (yet). Someone should work on that. Much more appropriate for the modern times as America eats (and doesn't exercise) itself to death.

Of course, I don't judge any American who wants to eat itself into a sugar coma from Pazzo Gelato's silky creations. I say, "Go ahead, young child who should be on Ritalin -- lick that banana-licious gelato with all the gusto your tongue can summon!" I say, "Go ahead, Miss-I-love-myself-with-food -- I like to feed my emotional cravings with glorious almond-fig gelato too!" And I definitely say, "Go ahead, Mister-I-hike-Runyan-so-I-can-eat-more -- you get a scoop of both the pistachio and hazelnut! Nuts are healthy! And taste most delicious in frozen form."

Pazzo Gelato - I'm going to give the go ahead to drive that extra mile. Or better yet, to walk that extra mile and then get three scoops.


Jason said...

Haha! That's numero uno reason why I work out - to support my eating habit. I haven't tried your gelateria but the local one on Robertson isn't bad. Have you tried??

Diana H. said...

Al Gelato? I've heard good things! And then a few things like that the wait staff gets grumpy when patrons go just for the gelato and not their meatballs and marinara sauce. Maybe I'll try it and find out... (I do have an eating habit to support)

Alessandra said...

I am on a gelato-a-day diet.

I love gelato almost as much as I love Diana.