Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stirring the Peanut Butter

My roommate and I like to share deep and important thoughts when we are busy piddling about and making exceedingly delicious delicacies in our kitchen. Sometimes we discuss our work woes, other times we discuss our ice cream idolization, and quite frequently we discuss Rachel Ray's latest disaster on 30-Minute Meals. (She does truly heinous things with pork chops and EVOO.)

The other night, as I begrudgingly began the task of washing a bunch of green leaf lettuce for my sandwiches this week, the topic of hateful kitchen and cooking tasks came up. Even with my handy dandy salad spinner from Bed Bath & Beyond, I dread washing my leafy greens every week. It's loud, it's messy, the spinner is a challenge to clean, and the muscle fibers in my arms do not appreciate the effort it takes to make that lettuce spin round, right, round (like a record, baby).

After several minutes of complaining to my lovely roommate about my hatred of this and other tasks, she suggested I post a list on my blog. She's got some smarts in that foodie brain of hers, and making lists is one of my favorite neurotically-inspired activities, so I was delighted to heed her thoughtful advice. (Plus, I really like post comments and think my list begs for additions from my readers.)

Diana's Most-Hated Kitchen Activities

1. Washing lettuce

2. Stirring the oil into my Peanut Butter & Co. Smooth Operator peanut butter

3. Chopping and peeling garlic (I do not yet own that fancy little doodad called a garlic press)

4. Chopping and peeling onions (I do not yet own a pair of steel eyes, and a lit candle and/or placement of my face in the freezer are not always successful remedies to the drippage from my tear ducts.)

5. Touching raw chicken

6. Grating carrots

7. Removing loose tea leaves from my tea infuser

8. Cooking eggs. I'm not embarrassed to admit it -- I suck at it.

9. Packing my brown bag lunches

10. Cutting, dicing, do anything with red/green/yellow peppers. (I don't deal well with the confetti-like seeds sprinkling the surfaces of roomie and my spotless kitchen.)

I've told you mine... now you tell me yours...


Alessandra said...

I got a beautiful calphalon pasta pot and skipped home from williams-sonoma with visions of Emeril-like precision in draining my pasta. Unfortunately, I can't escape reality (and my weak upper body) and I am stuck in a never-ending cycle of spilling scalding pasta water and burning my tender arms as I try to navigate the insert out of the pot.

Ihate said...

I, too, hate stirring peanut butter -- especially the all-natural crap that my wife makes me eat. I am all for organic food, but for the love of God, why can't I enjoy my always-incorporated skippy?

laurmm said...

I hate draining pasta! And making any kind of wine sauce because it spits hot oil blobs at me! And cleaning out my garlic press. Also cleaning food bits off of my grater. Any kind of cleaning, really.

Ashley said...

I hate the possibility of not having a gas stove (or maybe even a home...) on August 1. Yiiiiikes.

Anonymous said...

Try chewing gum while you cut onions. Or chill the onions first.

Diana H. said...

Chewing gum, huh? I'll have to try it! :) Thanks!