Friday, August 8, 2008

Milk: Does a Bad Day Good

The foodie blogger version of Murphy's Law dictates that the best meals will be had when my digital camera is at home. Or in more mundane terms, good food can happen when least expected.

Approximately four weeks ago, Tiffany Toyota received a rude awakening when another car decided to drive right in front of her pretty silver nose. It was not exactly a pleasant awakening for me either. With Tiffany's bumper crunched, her right headlight shattered, and my nerves frayed like a poorly sewn hemline on Project Runway, I sat in my poor broken car and cried. After collecting myself enough for the requisite insurance information exchange, I did what any emotionally-sensitive gal would do. I called my mom to come rescue me.

The next day, my mother drove up from Orange County to help me sort out the mess of my first real accident. We went to Atlantic Tire & Auto Service in West Hollywood to get an estimate on the damage, I called my insurance company to provide my account of the wreck, we took pictures of the location, and then we went to Milk on Beverly Blvd. for a quick bite to eat.

I've been to Milk a half-dozen times before to sample the sweet side of their menu and have found the results to be, for the most, stomach-achingly delicious. Aside from the chocolate chip cookie that spreads a little too thinly for my tastes, and the dry cupcakes that are in need of some serious time with the Lubriderm bottle, I've been satisfied by Milk's decadent offerings. The banana dulce de leche ice cream makes me wish that I could always get my potassium via ice cream, the cookies 'n cream is loaded with sizable chunks of cookie sandwiches, and the ooey gooey chocolate cookie is everything it portends to be. When dessert is this good, who wants to bother with a boring salad or tired sandwich?

Of course, since I am of the healthy variety when I'm not busy "doing research" for my blog, I actually do attempt to balance my diet out with shocking things like lettuce and fruit. With growling stomachs and a tight schedule during our "Rescue Tiffany Day," it was prime time for my mom and me to check out the savory side of Milk's menu.

We descended upon the cafeteria-like eatery with nary an ounce of skip in our steps. The circumstances of our day were not particularly enjoyable, and I was fully expecting our trip to Milk to be a means to an end. Mom and me hungry. Mom and me find food. Mom and me eat food. Mom and me carry on with the rest of our loathsome tasks.

As we approached the counter to order, I was instantly pleased that I had my mother in tow so that I didn't have to make the challenging salad or sandwich decision. My favorite lunch buddy and I are excellent at sharing (she always gives me the bigger half), and after a moment spent perusing the lengthy menu of offerings, we settled on the Ham & Cheese panini ($7.75) with baked ham, Swiss cheese, peppery greens, and fresh tomatoes, and a salad that will have to be described via my own devices since it does not appear on the on-line menu. The unnamed salad bore arugula, succulent chunks of dates, caramelized walnuts, crisp apple slices, and manchengo cheese. As par the course with good meals that happen when cameras are missing, I have no idea what dressing the salad was wearing. I only know that my mom and I devoured the greens and ham panini amidst a sea of "yummy" noises. It was shockingly delectable for an eatery that specializes in desserts and uses an overabundance of neon lighting.

After our hearty lunch, we weren't much in the mood for an ice cream-induced brain freeze or a cookie coma, so instead opted for two mint chocolate "Milkies" -- Milk's version of a BonBon. The mint ice cream hidden beneath a thin chocolate shell was the perfect way to freshen our palates, and we left feeling rejuvenated and ready to continue Mission: Makeover Tiffany.

Milk's tasty treats and cheese-laden savory eats may not do the body as much good as my inner health-nut would like, but they certainly made my bad day good. If only they could do the same for my car...

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