Monday, August 4, 2008

Rachel's Wickedly Delicious Yogurts: A Friend for the Mouth and Thighs

Yes, that's a Friends reference. And yes, I realize I am strange, but I'm not as strange as the flavors that Miss Rachel is putting into her chic black yogurt containers. Plum Honey Lavendar? Pink Grapefruit Lychee? Pomegranite Acai? Rachel is either off her rocker, or exceedingly brilliant.

Of course, since most geniuses (ahem, ME) are misunderstood and/or under appreciated in their own time, I am going to label Rachel exceedingly brilliant. Especially after trying both the Pomegranite Blueberry and Vanilla Chai flavors. The description on the carton doesn't lie -- these 150-160 calorie yogurts really are "Wickedly Delicious." Creamy, yet not too thick, the texture is smooth and seductive on the tongue, and there is no gross film at the top like some yogurts I know (ahem Dannon, ahem Yoplait, ahem Cascade). The Pomegranite Blueberry is tart and tangy -- a palate perker-upper for any morning of the week, while the Vanilla Chai is more subtle and understated -- fitting for it's descriptor as inspiring the consumer to "relax."

With my levels of neurosis I think I might need a few hundred cartons to achieve a state of Zen, but I'm willing to do the research to see if Rachel's yogurts can get me there. It's all in the name of good health right? Minimum daily calcium levels can't be achieved by Dreyer's Slow-Churned Mint Karaoke Coookie ice cream alone, nor should they be considering my recent forays into the freezer. Rachel's low fat yogurts are 100% natural with no artificial sweeteners, and contain 30% of the daily requirements for calcium, plus those fancy schmancy live and active cultures that promote healthy digestion. There's nothing wicked about that. (Unless you like giving your intestines heck in a hand basket.)

At $1.09 a carton at my local WeHo Whole Foods (it's close to $1.50 at Gelson's), Rachel's yogurts aren't exactly budgetter-friendly, but for a quality gal like her, it's a steal. Think of it as an investment in good health. I bet even Miss Aniston would approve of my most recent fridge friend.


Hari said...

"At $1.09 a carton at my local WeHo Whole Foods (it's close to $1.50 at Gelson's), Rachel's yogurts aren't exactly budgetter-friendly..."

Totally agree. With the high prices these days, I have had to subsist on Dannon (10 for $6 at the local Ralphs) with the gross film and a not so great after taste. Whole Payche..I mean...Foods is currently out of the question :(

BTW have you tried the new flavored yogurts at TJ? They are some Greek style ones. Pretty decent if you ask me. Though the nutrition label will be not be friend for the thighs ;)

Diana H. said...

I generally shy away from TJ's dairy products. They go bad so quickly and I worry about moldage! I do like Cascade yogurt and that is MUCH cheaper than Rachel's. Ralph's often has them on sale for 50 cents a carton! It's no Rachel's, but they are a friend to the thighs (and more importantly, wallet!).

Tuvalu Laguna Beach said...

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Hari said...

I have not had any problems with TJ's yogurt, maybe coz I only get the flavored Greek style ones in the smaller containers. Regarding Cascade, 50 cents a carton :-O Do you mean a cup or is it really a carton(of 6, 8, 12..??) I might have to look into it seriously.

Diana H. said...

I mean a cup. That would be absurd if a whole six-pack was 50 cents! I think I'd be living off yogurt then! ;)

Alessandra said...

I do not like yogurt, but the honey lavender flavor sounds delicious. Oh palate guru, will I enjoy Rachel's creation??

goldsheet (Bob) said...

Recently saw these for $4.99 a carton (12 yogurts) at Costco.
(just under 42 cents each)