Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trader Joe's Chocolate Ice Cream Bon Bons

This one doesn't even need a fancy title. Just reading the description of these chocolate-covered chocolate ice cream bon bons with a chocolate cookie crust is enough to convince any chocolate-lover (or person with functional taste buds) that Trader Joe's has something seriously rockin' in its freezer section. I could probably end my post right here and completely abandon my usual blend of verbosity and neurotic-flavored snarkiness, but there actually is more to be said about these decadently delicious treats. Lots more.

Like how it is is necessary to wait approximately one-two minutes (depending on freezer temperature) for the bon bons to reach the optimal level of meltiness. And how when said bon bons are within that window of ideal defrostation the juxtaposition of the firm, slightly bitter chocolate shell against the softened cookie bottom and creamy chocolate ice cream is as dreamy as Dr. Shephard on Grey's Anatomy. It's certainly worth mentioning that despite the serving size that recommends the ingestation of three bon bons (at 60 calories a pop), two is always the perfect amount to satisfy any post-dinner chocolate craving whilst maintaining the sanctity of an acheless stomach.

At first sight, these bon bons may look on the small-side, but the richness of the chocolate shell and cookie bottom, combined with the sweet chocolate ice cream packs an Oscar de la Hoya-like punch of flavor. Trust me -- I'm not pulling a skinny bitch "I am satisfied by one peanut M&M" move to make people who are not satisfied by one peanut M&M feel inferior and gluttonous. Two bon bons really is enough. And with twelve per package, I can get through nearly a whole week of my nightly coo-coo for chocolate/ice cream/things-that-make-my-stomach-bulge urges without having to make any desperate runs to my local convenience store or ice cream shop.

Of course, that does still happen from time to time. Like when my bon bons are out of stock at Trader Joe's. Or when I have a really bad day and decide to reward my mouth with something that does not adhere to any sense of the phrase "recommended serving size." Bad moods happen. But for the rest of my moods, I've got my TJ's chocolate ice cream bon bons. Mary Poppins' measuring tape calls them practically perfect in every way. And I call them mine. So don't even think about taking that last box at my local Trader Joe's. Even if I'm not satisfied by one peanut M&M I can still be a skinny bitch if provoked.

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