Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diana Takes a Bite of the District: Georgetown Cupcake

After devouring our crepes at the Eastern Market on Day 1 of "Diana Does the District," Ashley and I had important matters to attend to. I'm not great at doing the typical lame tourist stuff, so "important matters" equated to shopping and taking pictures of ourselves rather than strolling through boring museums or looking at the Capitol. Not that there is anything wrong with the Capitol. We saw it, it looked nice, and then we high-tailed it to Georgetown to browse through Anthropologie and Cusp because clothes are like way more exciting then some big white building.

With all the walking and browsing and chattering, Ashley and I burned through our crepes like we burned through our savings at Anthro, and by 5 pm were ready for our second foodie destination. Because we are girls and like cute things that make our blood sugar levels spike, it should come as no surprise that our next stop involved cupcakes at the trendy Georgetown Cupcake.

I felt right at home as Ashley and I found a place in the short line outside the quaint shop. "Just like Sprinkles," I thought happily, amused to see that LA is not the only place where people go ga-ga for individual-sized cakes. I was slightly apprehensive that they would be out of red velvets by this time of day, but a peek into the bakery revealed cookie sheets full of all the cupcake choices available that day. I was also pleased to see a long list of beverages available for sipping, as well as one small table for customers who can't wait till they get home and want to consume their cupcakes on premises (ie. me, Ashley, and the attractive young man who devoured a chocolate cupcake and glass of milk while we waited in line).

Lemon Raspberry and Red Velvet Cupcakes

Aside from the line, it soon became apparent that Georgetown Cupcake is nothing like Sprinkles. The cupcakes are smaller, are not overwhelmed by a thick cap of frosting and the edible decal (a heart --not a nipple-- on the red velvet) actually tastes good. I am quite fond of Sprinkles (especially their red velvet and carrot cake cupcakes) so was surprised to see such a serious contender for the cupcake crown in DC. A contender that even threatens the supremacy of one of my favorite So Cal bakeries, Susie Cakes.

The red velvet cake is a deep rich hue --the sign of a true southern-style red velvet cake-- and the flavor and texture is impeccable. This baby cake pasts the moistness test with flying colors, and there is just the right amount of tart cream cheese frosting on top to allow each bite to contain an adequate cake to icing ratio. The size is perfect for an afternoon snack, and most importantly, did not leave me feeling slightly sick or remorseful after. Normally cupcakes coat my stomach in a sea of nausea post-ingestion, but Georgetown's take on the uber-popular treat left only the taste of sweet satisfaction on my tongue.

While it pains my inner LA snob to admit it, the Georgetown Cupcake red velvet may put Susie Cakes, Sprinkles and even Sweet Lady Jane to shame. Not just because the bakery serves up a fine iced Chai or iced Mighty Leaf Jasmine tea, but because their cupcakes are really good. So good that it makes me wish I didn't live 3,000 miles away. I think I would enjoy spending many a Saturday afternoon shopping and cupcaking myself into oblivion. Especially if it means ignoring the Capitol to shock my insulin levels and blow my abysmal salary with my dear friend.

DC - 1; LA - 0


Kirby! said...

I tried to do the "Oh what is everyone freaking out about, they're just cupcakes" thing for awhile, but when I tasted Susie Cakes, I was like, "Who am I kidding!?! This is crazy delicious!!!" Those red velvet cakes look really tasty too... it's interesting to see that DC has caught cupcake fever just like SoCal. My mom tells me that the Sprinkles that just opened in Dallas is not catching on for whatever reason.

Diana H. said...

I pretended to be "above cupcakes" too for a while, but it didn't work so well -- I blame it on the red velvet. And that gosh darn armadillo wedding cake in Steel Magnolia's! And maybe my sweet tooth too...