Thursday, September 25, 2008

Massimo's Mudspot: Shhh it's a Secret

I was going to keep my mouth shut about this one. The last thing I want is for my new secret coffee shop to become overrun with obnoxious laptop-carters and industry pontificators. It's all very well and fine if I am the one parked at one of the several tables inside for several hours, but if it's some scruffy-haired mongrel reeking of stale cigarettes and ego, I start getting huffy.

As of now, Massimo's Mudspot, the new coffee shop just west of Wilshire Blvd. on La Brea, appears to be devoid of characters who are "too big for their britches." I'm not quite sure that anyone actually calls their pants, "britches," but I am quite sure that I'm going to be planting mine at the casual little local spot on many a weekend afternoon in the future. With free wifi for paying customers, ample seating, a friendly waitstaff, and a Tiger chai latte that is so spicy, it makes my mouth tingle, Massimo's Mudspot meets most of my coffee shop requirements. Plus, it's really quiet -- shockingly so.

I have heard rumors on that they offer delectable pastries and cupcakes, but when I visited the shop this past Saturday afternoon, I only saw some suspect Bagel Broker bagels in a display case on the counter. I was more intrigued by all the other non-coffee beverages available -- including my favorite "healthy" soda, Izze Sparkling Juice. They even have Peach -- a flavor I've never seen before.

There is one crucial component that is left to be determined with regards to my continued appreciation for the local spot. No, not outlet plugs (though that is important too). Just not as important as men. Attractive men.

I'm kidding, of course. Because no one goes to coffee shops to get hit on. Right?

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Sara said...

I'm pretty happy about Massimo's too. Right now it's got the perfect Sunday-morning, not-quite-ready-to-put-on-real-clothes atmosphere. Perfect place to spend some couch time when you're bored of your own couch.