Friday, September 12, 2008

Trader Joe's Milk & Dark Chocolate Cashews: Inspiring Neurotic Behavior

In the interests of curbing our recent pessimistic, woe-is-me sensibilities, the other day two of my girl friends and I started an e-mail chain listing the things we are thankful for. My list included Trader Joe's Milk & Dark Chocolate Cashews, the blogger who added my link to her blog roll and (because I'm a bit of a suck-up) the names of my two gal pals. My friend Caroline immediately countered with her own list -- TJ's trail mix, "Project Runway" and, of course, my name and our friend Ali's name. We are a very considerate lot, are we not?

After patting ourselves on the back for our seriously Oprah-esque positivity, we dove into regular chit-chat that culminated in an exposition of our quirky behavior during the ingestion of the aforementioned trail mix and milk & dark chocolate cashews.

Caroline wrote:

"I am so neurotic about the trail mix - I always eat all of the peanuts, raisins and almonds first, and then save the cashews and chocolate chips for the end. I have tried to just eat it normally, but I can't do it. "

As I read her confession, it occurred to me that I'm neurotic about my cashews as well. I always eat exactly five (unless I'm PMSing or cranky or just really really bored), and I have to alternate the milk with the dark (or vice versa). If I'm craving a bitter, harder shell, I'll start with the dark chocolate so I'll get to eat three as opposed to two. If I'm craving something sweeter and creamier, I'll start with the milk. Either way, I always stick to the pattern -- milk, dark, milk, dark, milk; or dark, milk, dark, milk, dark. I like to think that I am doing it because I enjoy the contrast of the two flavors/textures, but I fully recognize that there is some seriously crazy going on in my actions. I kind of fear getting to the end of my canister and only finding five dark chocolates, or even worse, five milk chocolates. A logical person would plow through the rest of the container without concern. But I'd probably sprint out to buy a new canister so the integrity of my ritual would be intact.

Of course, it's not completely insane that an individual would want to race out and buy another box of these truly addictive post-lunch treats. The chocolate may not be Guittard, and the cashews aren't always perfectly crunchy and robust, but they meet my chocoholic needs quite nicely. As far as my other "needs," I can always turn to my equally neurotic friends...

What foods inspire you toward neurotic behavior? Peanut Butter? Oreos? The always controversial cereal?


laurmm said...

eggo waffles! I have to fill every one of the little waffle holes with syrup or I can't eat it.

Alessandra said...

chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles -- i need to have the perfect sprinkle-to-ice cream ratio, otherwise i throw a hissy fit. sad, but so true.

Jennie said...

In "file under chocolatey goodness only found at TJ's" I also suggest the dark chocolate covered mini pretzels. When I visit my sister overseas, she insists I bring her at least two bags. Mmmm.

On another TJ's product plug, I recently found myself in a baking mood (the weather is cooler and my appetite is insatiable now that I am deep into my second trimester of pregnancy). It was late after work so I was rummaging through the pantry looking for something to satisfy when I came across a box of gingerbread mix from several months ago. I am now hooked (quel suprise!) on this lovely, slightly spicy, quick-baking craving buster. Of course, I had to tweak it a little. Rather than adding oil, I used mostly homemade applesauce and just a dash of oil. The results were dense and chewy. Note to self: must buy en masse this weekend!