Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marshmallow Cookies: My Favorite Holiday Cookie

When I was growing up, my family and I used to spend three weeks of every summer visiting my grandmother in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We would arrive at her three-story, modest-sized house (a "mansion" compared to our one-story home in California) late in the evening, and would be starving from a long day of traveling. She would always greet us with hugs and a sly wink, as she beckoned us into her kitchen for the unveiling of the cookies she'd baked for us. There were ginger cookies, date pinwheels for my mother, shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, and our favorite, the marshmallow cookies.

The marshmallow cookies that, incidentally, don't contain any marshmallows, are made by mixing chunky peanut butter with rice krispies, powdered sugar, and butter. The "batter" is then rolled into balls that are subsequently coated in either white or milk chocolate. They were always the first cookies that my brothers and I dug into when we arrived at her home, and today, are still the most requested of my grandmother's recipes.

While my grandmother has since passed on, the marshmallow cookies have remained a staple in my family. We serve them at holiday parties, gift them to friends, and hide them away in individual containers labeled with each of our names. They are best when refrigerated -- and even better when enjoyed with a million childhood memories intact.

Marshmallow Cookies
From Grandma Yetta's Kitchen

1 1/2 cups Rice Krispies
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 cup crunchy peanut butter

Mix ingredients together and roll into small balls.

Dip balls in 11-12 ounces of melted almond bark (we use Candy Quick), and set on wax paper to dry.

Store in or out of the refrigerator. (I prefer mine cold, but they are enjoyable at room temperature as well.)


Elra said...

Oh, how delightful!
I made rice crispy treat for my nephews last week, and they love it. Next time they ask for another rice crispy treat, I'll sure try your recipe instead.
Have a wonderful christmas.

Heather said...

yum! as usual, my husband would love these! i think he would like everything you make :) and oh, yeah, i do want your paisley brownie recipe. i keep meaning to ask for it. anyway, merry christmas! enjoy your cookies :)

Esi said...

Well at least you spent the summer in SD instead of the winter :) The cookies sound awesome...no substitutions (or different names) accepted.