Monday, January 19, 2009

Zinc Cafe: Re-spreading the Love

Is it really necessary for me to write a third post about Zinc Cafe, my mom and my favorite new lunch spot in the OC?


But there is a reason why I named my blog "Diana Takes a Bite." Errr, there are probably several reasons, but for the purposes of this entry, I only need reveal one. I love talking about my culinary and restauranting escapades and the food I eat along the way -- regardless of whether it is old, new, borrowed, or blue to my audience. I know my mom probably gets sick to death of hearing about every breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snack I consume, but I can't help it - when I eat something delicious and exciting, I feel compelled to share it with the people I love!

Zinc Cafe makes me feel super compelled to spread the good word about its menu's deliciousness - especially their quiche plate, that comes with the mini quiche of the day (spinach pictured above), a cup of either chili or the soup of the day (mushroom celery root above), and a heaping portion of their awesome mixed greens with tomatoes and a generous sprinkling of feta. The grand total for all that amazing food is an exceedingly un-whopping $8.25. If that rhymed with "mind," I'd be definitely screaming out, "$8.25? Are you out of your mind?!" But it doesn't. So I'll come up with a new rhyme. "$8.25? What are you, a dive?"

As if!

But even if it were, I'd still eat there on an absurdly regular basis. And blog about it. Over and over and over again...


Heather said...

it's so important to have that favorite go-to spot. Nick and I definitely have a few, too :D and I'm SURE Zinc Cafe doesn't mind all this wonderful press :D

Esi said...

I wish I could make it to this place because everything you have posted from there looks so good!!

Erica said...

Hi pal, whats going on? I am never sick of reading about what you eat :) :). What a great lunch value. I can't even pick out my favorite part! Have a great day now!

Diana said...

Heather - I love having go-to spots -- kind of like having my own personal "Cheers!" Except nobody knows my name at Zinc Cafe. Yet! ;)

Esi - I highly recommend a road trip down the 405! The OC is a great escape from LA!

Erica - Hey! Thanks for the note! I love reading about what you eat too! In fact... I'm off to do that now... :)

Courtelle said...

there is 2 other locations, one in laguna beach, and one in solana beach! food's delish! and coffee's amazing