Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sloppy Buffalo Joe's and My (Yum-o) Kitchen Crime

I didn't think it could happen to me. I didn't watch her shows (unless my roommate and I needed a good laugh), I didn't read her cookbooks, and I didn't parlay any of her obnoxious catchphrases into my vocabulary. For years I was able to maintain my nonverbal commitment to never let the egregious event take place in my kitchen, and I was fully confident that I could make it through my culinary life without ever breaking that promise to myself.

Then, this past Sunday night, due to my inability to read carefully, I unwittingly committed that very foodie crime that I fear the most.

I cooked, ate and enjoyed one of Rachel Ray's 30-minute meals.

I originally found the recipe for the Sloppy Buffalo Joe's on one of my favorite healthy food/recipe blogs, Running With Food. I was intrigued by Jennifer's addition of blue cheese to the turkey sloppy joe's and have had the recipe bookmarked since this past January. Because my fridge is currently stocked with a hefty container of blue cheese from the red-leaf salad with roasted sweet potatoes I made two Saturdays ago, it seemed like this past Sunday was the opportune time to give the Joe's a whirl.

Everything went exactly as planned. I found all the ingredients with relative ease -- even stumbling upon a four-pack package of Oroweat whole wheat buns so I didn't have to get the jumbo eight-pack, and the recipe was a breeze to make. It was a nice break after some of my recent kitchen misshaps (Note: When de-shelling shrimp, do not forget to de-vein them too).

The positive energy in my kitchen continued at my dining room table. While the blue cheese was a bit of a shock to my tastebuds at first (last night when I reheated the leftovers I scaled back a little and added some carmelized onions to balance out the flavor), it was a filling and comforting Sunday night meal.

Or at least it was until I logged on to my computer after finishing the dishes. I wanted to post a comment on Running With Food to let Jennifer know I'd made and enjoyed the recipe, but all my good intentions flew out the window when I saw the following words in her post about the Joe's,

"Dinner this evening was a recipe borrowed from the YUM-O queen herself, Rachel Ray, scaled down and modified slightly to suit our tasty buds."

I was shocked. Stunned. Flabbergasted!

I had made a Rachel Ray recipe?!?

And liked it?!?

I ran to the window, my eyes searching the night sky for flying pigs, but none were to be found. The universe had not been thrown off kilter -- I had only myself to blame for my grave error.

Only, it wasn't a grave error. At all. This is actually a recipe I might make again -- for myself, for my future husband and kids, or for a Superbowl party.

Of course, for the latter to happen, I'd actually have to develop a taste for the barbaric sport. But crazier things have happened -- I did make a Ray Ray recipe, didn't I?

Sloppy Buffalo Joe's
Adapted from Running With Food who adapted it from Rachel Ray
Makes 3 generous servings

1/4 cup chopped onion
1 stalk celery, finely diced
1/3 cup grated carrot
Olive oil (not EVOO)
1/2 lb. extra lean ground turkey
1/2 tbsp. red wine vinegar
1/2 tbsp. brown sugar
1/2 tbsp. Worcestershire
2 tbsp. hot sauce
1/4 cup canned tomato sauce
Whole wheat hamburger buns
Blue cheese crumbles
Salt, pepper

Heat a small amount of olive oil in a skillet, add turkey, salt and pepper, and cook until browned. Remove turkey, and add onion, celery and carrot to the pan. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the turkey back to the skillet and mix together with vegetables.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine vinegar, brown sugar, Worcestershire and hot sauce. Mix well and add to skillet. Stir well to distribute sauce and allow to simmer for 5 - 10 minutes. Spoon mixture onto buns, top with blue cheese crumbles and place under broiler until cheese is melty and bun is browned.

Note: I ultimately added more sauce to the mixture, so consider making extra if you like your Joe's a little sloppier.


Alessandra said...

Rachael Ray?? I don't even know who you are anymore!

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks good to me. It's all good. Who cares where the recipes come from, as long as they're good!

Sara said...

Since you're being so honest, I will be too: I have made a Rachael Ray recipe. And it wasn't horrible.

Esi said...

Good for you for being able to avoid her as long you have, but you know...she does manage to make some decent food. If she kept her mouth shut more, she may not be so horrible!

The Duo Dishes said...

Ha. Rachel Ray does have a few good recipes up her sleeves. You just have to scour. Melted blue cheese can make anything good!

Alessandra said...

By the way, I believe the correct spelling of Ray Ray's trademark phrase is "YUMMO!"

Diana said...

Ali - I know. Please don't defriend me.

Miranda - Yep, I definitely agree! I'm just being a little silly. :)

Sara - Don't worry, your secret is safe with me!

Esi - Haha, so true! Just put her on mute and all is well!

Duo - I think I may be doing some more scouring in the future... this really was a winner!

Heather said...

not rachael ray!! oh no!! she's so bobbleheadedly annoying!!

this recipe does sound really good, though (don't tell anyone i said that!!)

Jan said...

Your recipes and comments always make me smile at the end of the day. Thank you for always brightening my days! I have some strange sources for some of my fav recipes as well!

Reeni♥ said...

I've never made one but I must confess that I let a guest blogger post one on my blog. I'm too nice. Anyways, they look good, bleu cheese sounds kind of wierd, but I'm glad you liked them. I think. Would you make another one of hers?

Kirby! said...

Aw, I'm not surprised. I have no beef with Rachel Ray! I've made several of her recipes and enjoyed them. So she's a little annoying. And she's not a real chef. But Anthony Bourdain is a huge asshole, and Wolfgang Puck sold his soul to make millions on canned soup and cooking spray. No one is perfect.