Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Fling with Fling Chocolate

I suppose I should begin this review with some scathing remarks or snarky commentary about Fling Chocolate, Mars' new female-targeted mini-candy bar that boasts the fairly obnoxious tag line, "Naughty... but not that naughty!"

I should rip them to shreds for their promiscuous marketing campaign, for their uber bright pink packaging that Cybele from Candy Blog likens to tampon packaging, and for all the hogwash on their website about how they created Fling to "celebrate the female spirit -- the unapologetically feminine playful, naughty, flirtatious, and alluring nature that brings shimmer into the world."

And I should really put up at least a small fuss about their (ie. the Mars' chocolate fairies) decision to coat each 80 calorie bar with the FDA-approved mineral Mica so that the chocolate sparkles (or "brings shimmer into the world").

There are issues here. Issues that I'm sure would provoke a spitting and spewing reaction from many a feminist. Issues that I would probably be upset about if I possessed a more aggressive personality or desire to get boiled up about inconsequential matters or didn't really really enjoy the color pink.

The thing is... I just don't care. Chocolate is chocolate -- regardless of how it is packaged, marketed and decorated -- and because I like chocolate and am no longer depriving myself of it for Lent, when I spotted the telltale bright pink 10-pack boxes at my local Target, I impulse bought a box of the dark chocolate and hazelnut varieties. I was curious, it was there, and my office snack drawer was empty at the time. It made perfect sense in the moment (as most impulse purchases at Target do), and now that I've tasted the confections, I'm sort of mad I didn't buy more.

Each 80-calorie finger (bars come in packages of one or two fingers -- the boxes contain individually wrapped fingers) is composed of a meringue base and chocolate truffle layer that is then enrobed in chocolate. It sort of resembles a Twix bar, but is less dense and more dainty in composition. Plus, it isn't oozing caramel and cookie crumbs. So, it isn't really like a Twix bar at all. Except for the shape. And the chocolate. And the effect it has on the sensory glands in my mouth.


I'm not going to wax on about it, because like I said, chocolate is chocolate, but I'm sort of hoping that my fling with Fling turns into a long term relationship. I like the snap from the meringue layer and its juxtaposition to the fluffy truffle layer (even if the texture is slightly reminiscent of those repulsive Snack Wells cookies), and the chocolate coating is surprising rich and decadent. I only need to eat one to feel satisfied, and that's a feat that not even my precious TJ's chocolate ice cream bon bons can accomplish.

And, unlike the Fling bars, the bon bons don't bring shimmer into the world when I eat them. Snaaaap!


Jenn said...

Interesting. That must be fairly new as I haven't seen it in any stores. Either that or I'm just not looking.

Esi said...

Lolololol....chocolate with glitter?

Hey, as long as it tastes good, right?

The Duo Dishes said...

Never seen this in the stores, but anything that purports bringing 'shimmer into the world' is worthy of a try. The meringue/truffle combo sounds like it'd be really nice in the hazelnut variety.

Pearl said...

i've seen these! are they sold at target?

Reeni♥ said...

I haven't seen or heard a peep about them until now. I love that their 80 calories. But glitter? Is that the new chocolate bling?

Erica said...

hahahah I love that they look like tampons- thats kind of hilarious. If they're delicious, like you say they are, I'm for them!

Diana said...

Jenn - It is pretty new, and I think right now it's only available in the LA market. I've seen it at Ralph's and Target and that's about it!

Esi - I know, right? Hilarious!

Chrstal & Amir - The hazelnut flavor is awesome! I can't decide which one I like better!

Pearl - Yep, you can get them at Target, but I think it may only be in the LA market right now?

Reeni - Haha - chocolate bling - hilarious! :)

Erica - They are surprisingly good! Hard to believe they are only 80 calories.