Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blogger Prom: A really really "good" night

The only skinny, gorgeous celebrity sound byte I hate more than “I love In-N-Out cheeseburgers” is “I was a dork in high school.” Not because I don’t necessarily believe that Jessica so-and-so suffered from severe acne and was the object of public mockery, but because said claims steal my thunder as a legitimate high school dork turned semi-socially adjusted grown-up.

Without going into too many embarrassing details, I spent my teenage years roaming the halls during morning break so I wouldn’t have to stand by myself in the quad, running cross-country and track in short shorts, and acting as vice president of an AOL on-line sorority called Omega Pi because no one in real life wanted to hang out with me. Clearly, I wasn’t getting many invitations to go to school dances. The only one I attended during those four years of misery was my junior year prom (the guy I studied AP U.S. history with during lunch asked me to go with him).

When H.C. of LA & OC Foodventures and Caroline on Crack began whispering about the possibility of a blogger prom, I was more than a little thrilled. Finally, I would get to experience what it was like to be a cool kid -- albeit a cool kid wearing the heinous, over-the-top prom attire that the 200 attendees were required to wear for admittance. It didn’t much matter to me what I looked like though; I couldn’t wait to get down and groovy with the LA bloggers whose entertaining blogs and “Tweets” have compromised my ability to concentrate on other more serious activities (ie. my goal to watch all four seasons of “Arrested Development” this summer).

As I put on more make-up than I have in my life and zipped myself into my hot pink, sequined dress this past Wednesday night, I was awash with the same kind of excited anticipation that I imagine my more popular high school peers were before dances. While my roommate sat in the other room watching CNN, I blasted the Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” and sang along full force when the Peas hit the chorus, “I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night.” I really had no idea just how good it would be.

When Brooke from Food Woolf, my friend (and plus one) Anna and I arrived at the Andaz Hotel in a stylish steel blue Beverly Hills cab at 7:15 pm, the lobby was already buzzing with excited bloggers “the Gastronomer,” Kevin Eats and Pam from Rants in Craves, in their trashiest formal wear. Hugs were shared, pictures were snapped and then we all trooped into the elevator to our destination – the rooftop.

The beautiful view, idyllic pool and subtle toned sophistication of the indoor and outdoor space was the perfect setting for our special evening. Unfortunately, I was too caught up with tracking down Sam Kim of LAist, Esther of E*starLA, Evelina of Two Hungry Pandas, Natasha of Let Me Eat Cake, and Noelle of Drink ‘N Dive to appreciate it. I wanted to meet everyone – even the bloggers who I hadn’t heard of before (ie. the non-food bloggers who write about more substantiative things like how to find “chi” in LA).

With a crisp white wine from Fresh & Easy to drink, sultry cheese that some likened to “sex” from the Cheese Impresario to nibble, and mini cupcakes from Polkatots to demolish, the three-hour affair was over before I’d even had time to dance with the Prom King.

I didn’t want the night to end. The only thing that got me in the elevator (and away from the leftover cheesecake pops) was the fear that the prom committee would run out of swag bags. Savoring the moment was all well and good, but I also wanted to savor the Charles chocolates sampler in the bag. (The lube, on the other hand, I could do without.)

It wasn’t just a good night – it was a great night. The kind of night that makes me proud to call myself a blogger. And even more importantly, proud to be so “socially adjusted” that I have already been confident enough to wear my “Born to Blog” Gap t-shirt in public. Twice.


Esi said...

Fuuuun!!! Hope I can go next time!! (you're such a good food blogger taking pics of all the food)

kevinEats said...

Your high school experience sounds remarkably similar to mine (minus the short shorts).

I think this sort of validates my contention that, for the majority of bloggers, high school prom was "an evening of dread, anxiety, of awkwardness, fear, loathing, of embarrassment."

Jenn said...

Sounds like fun time!!! All that food looks delicious. i want that chocolate sampler!! lol. I was kind of the same as you in high school. Spent a lot of my time in the media room. Haha...And look where I am now.

Gastronomer said...

Hey! That's me up there! Prom was awesome. Would've been even awesomer if there were dancing! Madonna rulez. And so do food bloggers ;-)

Anna A. said...

Perhaps a dork in high school, but clearly the coolest person at Blogger Prom - and that's what matters most! And I still feel honored to be your Plus 1!

Diana said...

Esi - I hope you can go too! I bet you would have got the party dancing!

Kevin - The OC is not the kindest place to dorks. But I'm glad I was a nerd... I think former hs nerds end up being the coolest grown-ups!

Jenn - Too funny. But you are clearly doing great, so obviously you did something right!

Cathy - That IS you! I figured I needed to make it clear to the blogging world that even if we are only 25% compatible on the Food Digger scale, we can still be compatible as people! Right? Right!

Anna - You were an awesome plus 1! I'm so glad you could come! I had so much fun with you!

yutjangsah said...

you go girl. sounds like a fun night was had by all.

Reeni♥ said...

This looks so fun! And what yummy eats!

H. C. said...

Now I feared that I'll be flamed that high school prom was a pleasant experience for me (even if it was Conference Room B at some forgettable hotel in Long Beach); but blogger prom is of course, way way better -- and that's not just the alcohol talking either.

Can't wait to grow a few more gray hairs planning BP 2010! ;)

Marni said...

I love your hot pink sequined dress! And I'm so happy to hear it was a great night for you! I have yet to wear my Born to Blog tee but rest assured, when I will, it will be proudly and loudly, too! :)

Erica said...

oh my gosh- how freaking fun is this!

Diana said...

HC - I actually did have fun at my junior year prom, but it was a bummer not getting to wear the gold dress I bought for my senior prom.

Marni - Thanks so much for planning such an amazing night! (And for stuffing those crazy gift bags for us!)