Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bulgarini Gelato: Perfectly Tweetable

Just how "crazy good" is Bulgarini Gelato, a literal hole-in-the-strip mall in Altadena? Behold the "tweets" about it...

@DianaTakesaBite Wish I were eating Bulgarini yogurt w/ oil gelato right now.
@estarla @DianaTakesaBite Oh my goodness I tried Bulgarini for the 1st time last night - almond was divine, blood orange was deliciously tangy!@LAOCfoodie @estarla me too! and I totally adore the blood orange too.@sinosoul @estarla @DianaTakesaBite E, what flavor is to the right of sorbet? D, I tasted the pistachio. it'was mighty fine.

@DianaTakesaBite @estarla Too funny. We were there around 8:30? Totally worth the drive from WeHo. Loved the almond also!

@estarla @DianaTakesaBite Yogurt all'olio? ya mean like THIS? Yesterday was EVERYONE HIT Bulgarini day ;)
@dianatakesabite @sinosoul Like this - (scoop of almond on top!)@estarla @sinosoul @dianatakesabite Look what I've been reduced to. Now I'm uploading my camera pics just to be able to reply. ;)

@estarla My own delayed Bulgarini pic in all its glory (for @dianatakesabite & @sinosoul).

@LAOCfoodie just uploaded my bulgarini gelato photo -- missing the yogurt w oil all over again!Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 441-2319


Kung Food Panda said...

I have to say..that gelato was delious. Almond and Blood Orange, Mmmmmm.... I'm really regreting I didn't try the oil gelato though!

weezermonkey said...

I don't Twitter, so I appreciate this summary. ;)

yutjangsah said...

i need to get my ass on over there. stat. hope your promo at the bev connection is going well. : )

Gastronomer said...

Come play in the SGV anytime. Give me a ring when you do! I really, really must try the pistachio. It's Bulgarini's signature flavor.

Jenn said...

Altadena isn't that far from me. I think I shall make the journey there very very very soon.

Heather said...

you're the social media queen! the blood orange sounds amazing!!

Elra said...

Gelato gelato... seem like we both has a special heart for this delicious treat.

Diana said...

Danny - I think I'm going to go for the pistachio next time! With a sample of the blood orange for kicks. :)

Sharon - Good for you! Stay far away -- it's a nightmare for productivity!

Sook - Thanks! It did go well! :)

Cathy - I want to try the pistachio too! Next time!

Jenn - Definitely check it out. I think it might be even better than (gasp gasp!) Pazzo Gelato!

Heather - Not quite, but attempting! ;)

Elra - Gelato is so the new ice cream. I have been craving it daily lately!

TonyC said...

oops. a week late in the comment. can't believe you ventured out that far.

man, that series of exchange was friggin awesome.