Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bulgarini Gelato: Perfectly Tweetable

Just how "crazy good" is Bulgarini Gelato, a literal hole-in-the-strip mall in Altadena? Behold the "tweets" about it...

@DianaTakesaBite Wish I were eating Bulgarini yogurt w/ oil gelato right now.
@estarla @DianaTakesaBite Oh my goodness I tried Bulgarini for the 1st time last night - almond was divine, blood orange was deliciously tangy!@LAOCfoodie @estarla me too! and I totally adore the blood orange too.@sinosoul @estarla @DianaTakesaBite E, what flavor is to the right of sorbet? D, I tasted the pistachio. it'was mighty fine.

@DianaTakesaBite @estarla Too funny. We were there around 8:30? Totally worth the drive from WeHo. Loved the almond also!

@estarla @DianaTakesaBite Yogurt all'olio? ya mean like THIS? Yesterday was EVERYONE HIT Bulgarini day ;)
@dianatakesabite @sinosoul Like this - (scoop of almond on top!)@estarla @sinosoul @dianatakesabite Look what I've been reduced to. Now I'm uploading my camera pics just to be able to reply. ;)

@estarla My own delayed Bulgarini pic in all its glory (for @dianatakesabite & @sinosoul).

@LAOCfoodie just uploaded my bulgarini gelato photo -- missing the yogurt w oil all over again!Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 441-2319


Kung Food Panda said...

I have to say..that gelato was delious. Almond and Blood Orange, Mmmmmm.... I'm really regreting I didn't try the oil gelato though!

weezermonkey said...

I don't Twitter, so I appreciate this summary. ;)

yutjangsah said...

i need to get my ass on over there. stat. hope your promo at the bev connection is going well. : )

Gastronomer said...

Come play in the SGV anytime. Give me a ring when you do! I really, really must try the pistachio. It's Bulgarini's signature flavor.

Jenn said...

Altadena isn't that far from me. I think I shall make the journey there very very very soon.

Heather said...

you're the social media queen! the blood orange sounds amazing!!

Elra said...

Gelato gelato... seem like we both has a special heart for this delicious treat.

Diana said...

Danny - I think I'm going to go for the pistachio next time! With a sample of the blood orange for kicks. :)

Sharon - Good for you! Stay far away -- it's a nightmare for productivity!

Sook - Thanks! It did go well! :)

Cathy - I want to try the pistachio too! Next time!

Jenn - Definitely check it out. I think it might be even better than (gasp gasp!) Pazzo Gelato!

Heather - Not quite, but attempting! ;)

Elra - Gelato is so the new ice cream. I have been craving it daily lately!

TonyC said...

oops. a week late in the comment. can't believe you ventured out that far.

man, that series of exchange was friggin awesome.

Micaella Lopez said...

The best gelato I've had since visiting Italy. Owner is passionate about gelato! I had a hard time deciding which flavor I wanted. Each flavor was amazing and true to name. We will definitely be back... Probably tomorrow.

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Mariz Denver said...

This gelateria is an unexpected find. The interior doesn't look fancy or super professional, but it's been voted and rated highly by many food critics and magazines. There is outdoor seating and some spots inside as well.

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Gretta Hewson said...

Amazing gelato, and great service. Went close to closing time and they didn't rush us or anything. Great place to sit outside and enjoy your gelato. Highly recommend.

Gretta Hewson