Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hyperactivity and adorable bottles of coke

I’m a little hyper right now. My heart’s doing that whole racing bit, my fingers are thudding the keyboard like I’m taking one of those timed typing tests for a job I’m over qualified for, and I imagine that if I had someone to talk to right now I’d be doing a great impression of one or both of the “Gilmore Girls.”

This is what happens when I drink caffeine that isn’t in the form of green tea.

As such, I never order a cup of coffee that isn’t decaf, and when I drink coke (my soda of choice), I have to force myself to not guzzle the entire thing down like those singing people walking down the street do when they are drinking bottles of coke in the commercials. Apparently, drinking coke makes a person want to sing whilst traversing various ethnic blocks in New York City.

It just makes me really giddy.

But, back to the here and now. The reason for my current state of slight hyperactivity is because I just drank this adorable aluminum bottle of coke that Formula PR was kind enough to send me to try. I don’t normally like to receive free samples of things (I hate feeling obligated to write about something that I wouldn’t purchase on my own accord), but I was intrigued by this offer because I actually really like coke. It reminds me of my childhood when my brothers and I would each receive one can of coke on Saturdays and Sundays. It was a treat, and one that I still enjoy today on occasion. (Mostly when I’m super tired from being forced to party the night before.)

Of course, since, as I mentioned earlier, caffeine seems to go straight to my head now, I need to reign it in to keep my heart from beating away from itself. I hate wasting half a can of coke to accommodate this sensitivity, so the size of these aluminum bottles (8.5 ounces) is really perfect for me. A pick me up that doesn’t pick me up and throw me over the fence. Plus, it’s cute and fun to drink – a win, win, win, as those folks who use clichés would say.

Me? I’ll just say this. Even if I hadn’t been sent this item for free, I’d find it agreeable to my nature. Especially since it is helping me feel less deathlike after sleeping less than 6 hours last night.


Esi said...

Hope you had so much fun last night! Sorry I missed it. Coke is the best remedy for the day after...

Jenn said...

That pretty neat. I've always been a fan of the classic coke bottles. I don't drink much caffeine now-a-days. But I could go a nice can of coke every now and then. That a pretty neat bottle design.

Diana said...

Esi - No worries - we will make up for it with a drinks date soon! Especially now that we can celebrate your new digs!

Jenn - I really like the design! And I think it keeps the coke colder which is really the best part.

Gastronomer said...

A damn fine PR-generated posted. I believed every single word. Now, that's good writing!