Friday, October 9, 2009

Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate w/ Hazelnuts & Currants

I’m a creature of the habits. My morning routine is practically obsessive compulsive in nature, I get extremely irritable if I have to miss my regular Monday and Wednesday Bar Method classes, and during the week, I eat basically the same breakfast (oatmeal) and lunch (turkey sammies) every day.

My most recent habit seems to be composing chocolate-related posts for Fridays. I’m not sure if it’s because recipes and restaurant reviews are more time consuming, and my mind starts turning to chalky boxed mashed potaters by the end of the week, or if it’s because of some sort of subconscious association. Since I consider chocolate to be a reward (for finishing lunch, taking out the trash, getting up from my chair, etc.), and Fridays to be a reward for getting through the week, it obviously follows that Fridays should also be associated with chocolate.

I’ll break it down in logical terms.

Given: Chocolate = Reward
Given: Friday = Reward
Conclusion: Chocolate = Friday

Okay fine, so my theory may be a bit of a stretch. But Freud’s theories were a stretch too, and he’s all sorts of famous for them! Yes, the man was completely bonkers, but geniuses are almost always a bit delusional. Einstein clearly needed a little help in the hair department. And hello? Willy Wonka could totally have made a guest appearance in One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest!

Which brings me back to the original point – chocolate.

Today, because it’s Friday, I’m going to discuss the Green & Black's organic dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts and currants that my friend Anna of Banana Wonder gave me for my birthday. Of course, since I have already written a 238 word nonsensical intro, the discussion will be brief.
This bar is everything that the previously reviewed Chocolove Cherry and Almond Dark Chocolate wishes it could be. While both are made with a very palatable dark chocolate, their fillings are at opposite ends of the spectrum of deliciouness (I’ll expound more on that theory at a later date). Whereas the almond bits and dismal cherry shards are few and far between in the Chocolove bar that boasts a 55% cocoa content, the hazelnuts and currants are meaty and plentiful in Green & Black’s 60% cocoa bar. I also prefer the segmentation of the Green & Black’s bar that allows me to break off individual pieces for a more refined and restrained eating experience. I wouldn’t want to look piggy whilst obtaining my dark chocolate antioxidants, now would I?

Most certainly not! I have a theory on that one as well…

Given: People who take big, greedy bites look like pigs.
Given: People who eat chocolate have the potential to look like pigs.
Given: People who take small, restrained bites are less likely to look like pigs than people who take big bites.
Conclusion 1: People who take big, greedy bites of chocolate look pig-like.
Conclusion 2: People who take small, restrained bites of chocolate do not look pig-like.

Now that is what I call genius. I think I’ll reward myself with some chocolate for the mental effort.


Esi said...

Happy chocolate Friday!

The Duo Dishes said...

There will be chocolate this birthday weekend!

Ashley said...

given your givens, i look pig like. but i'm ok with that.

Jenn said...

CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! *drool* I think I'd fall in the category of pig-like for my ginormous bites.

Anna A. said...

Awww glad you liked it and funny thing is that I just tried the chocolove almond and cherry... so now on to the Black & Green hazelnuts and currents. Us tall people have a good excuse for being Oinkers... we are tall!

Gastronomer said...

Did someone say chocolate? You + me + Chocolate Salon = ECSTATIC!

Heather said...

mmm, this sounds delicious! i buy this brand a lot at balduccis. i can take all the refined bites i want, but i still eat practically the whole bar! yikes :(

Diana said...

Chrystal & Amir - Who's birthday is it?? Hope there's cake involved too!

Ashley - Hah, you would be.

Jenn - That's okay, we all have our moments. You should see me with bread pudding -- shameful!

Anna - Thanks again for the yummy birthday treat! You'll have to let me know what you think after you try it.

Cathy - I'm so excited I might just pee my pants. Or not.

Heather - I had an excruciating time stopping at the 1/3rd mark. I could easily get through the entire thing in a sitting.