Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Peach, Edamame, Avocado, Corn Quinoa Salad: Yes, I really am the Quinoa Queen

I didn’t plan to have quinoa again this past Saturday, honest! It just sort of happened… like how Kristin Cavallari just happened to set her sights on the recently hoboesque Justin Bobby on the series premiere of “The Hills” last week. Seriously, Kristin? The man looks like he’s been on "Survivor: Large remote mountain range" for the past two months! Well, except for his newish slightly pudgier bits. Me thinks he needs to lay off the beer and partake in more quinoa…

But that’s just me.

And me is obsessed with the stuff.


As I was saying (or more accurately, rambling), I didn’t actually wake up on Saturday thinking, “I’m a gonna make some quinoa salad for lunch today!” I woke up thinking, “Bed so comfy… don’t want to go running juuuust yet.” But I did. Because I’m a good little exerciser. Plus, I really needed to burn off the prosciutto-wrapped shrimp, scallops, bread pudding and wine I’d had at 230 Forest Ave. with my parents the night before. Mmm bread pudding… mmm I’m a fatty…

So I did my little run thang, and then my mom and I did our little compulsive erranding thing (my car needed to be serviced, we needed to find my dad a non-cowboy-esque hat for his birthday and short ribs needed purchasing for our dinner that evening). It was a lot of chasing around, and we didn’t actually get back to my parents’ house until after 1 pm -- feeding time.

My mom and I thought about going out for a light bite, but unlike Los Angeles, Orange County is remarkably devoid of restos with healthy salads and such. There are lots of places with not-so-healthy salads (Yardhouse and Cheesecake Factory come to mind), but nothing like Urth Caffe or M Café de Chaya or even the woefully mediocre Toast. So we made faces at each other and grumbled about our hunger until I finally said, “Let’s just make lunch!” (Translation: I’m a gonna cook us something!)

I took a quick surveillance of the goods in the house – a ripe peach, a nearly overripe avocado, some feta, an ear of corn, frozen edamame, green onions, and limes – and realized that I had all the makings for the perfect quinoa salad. I briefly considered throwing in the red and white checked kitchen towel for a simple grilled cheese sammy, but ultimately couldn’t resist the sweet allure of my favorite grain.

Thirty minutes later, my mom and I sat down to a knockout lunch that was better than most of the meals we could have had out about town. It was healthy, yet satisfying enough to keep our energy up for the rest of our erranding that day. I don’t care if I’m mocked, bullied or snubbed for my addiction. When lunch tastes as good as this salad did, I will proudly wear my “Quinoa Queen” crown for all to see. It’s certainly better than showing other things for all to see. I’ll leave that business to the girls on “The Hills.”

Peach, Edamame, Avocado, Corn Quinoa Salad
Serves 2

½ cup quinoa prepared according to package directions
1 peach, skinned and cubed
1 cup cooked shelled edamame
1 ear corn, boiled and husked
½ avocado, diced
2 green onions/scallions, sliced into aesthetically pleasing slivers
3 tablespoons feta cheese

Honey Lime Vinaigrette
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 teaspoon lime zest
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon red wine vinegar
1 teaspoon olive oil
Salt, pepper to taste

Whisk together lime juice, lime zest, honey, red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt/pepper to taste. Set aside.

Mix quinoa with peach, edamame, corn, avocado, green onion and then dress with vinaigrette. Top with feta cheese. Eat.


Gastronomer said...

Justin Bobby is the hotness! He's a model, ya know!

And please be honest, how many quinoa recipes have been featured on D takes a B?

Jenn said...

You really are the quinoa queen. hehe... You're obsessed with the stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;-D

Diana said...

Cathy - Only 7! And one wasn't really a recipe - it was a diatribe on why runny eggs rule.

Jenn - What can I say? I know what I like and I like what I know!

Anna A. said...

Super creative and resourceful! I would totally purchase the ingredients just to make your salad. Feta approved, amen sista friend!

yutjangsah said...

Justin Bobby versus K-Fed aka overfed. Who's grosser? Yeah, tough one huh?

Diana said...

Anna - Feta and quinoa = BFFs for life!

Sook - K Fed. Because we've all seen EXACTLY where he's been.

Esi said...

Rock it out! I need to get you that up...quinoa cakes, quinoa muffins, quinoa porridge!

Ashley said...

hahaha. who knew that justin bobby and quinoa could fit together so nicely in one blog post?!

Diana said...

Esi - Quinoa muffins, huh? I think you are on to something...

Ashley - I pride myself on my ability to insert Hills, Friends and Seinfeld references into all situations. It's a gift.

Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ said...

This is the most delicious 'mess' I've seen. One of these days I'm going to try one of your recipes!!

Christine Murray said...

This recipe looks great! Going to try it out tonight! Thanks for sharing.