Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2010, I resolve to do... nothing

It’s 2010. A new year, and for some, a new start -- a chance to become “better,” “healthier,” “thinner.”

It seems easier to be optimistic today than it was two weeks ago when I discovered that for the second time this year, I would need to move. This time, maybe more than a block. This time, to a one-bedroom apartment that I probably can’t afford because I spend all my money on food and Bar Method classes and that new dress at Anthropologie that will probably go on sale in three weeks, but I can’t wait that long because I have to have it now.

(And the shoes and earrings that match too.)

But instead of fretting about where I’m going to be living on February 1st and whether I’ll be lonely living by myself or love not having to worry about my roommates using (and breaking) my special pink stemmed wine glasses, I feel oddly compelled to let myself pretend that the number on the calendar is more than just a number. I want to sigh with relief and subscribe to the belief that whatever ailed me in 2009 will now just be a fuzzy memory, a dust bunny in the furthest corner under my bed.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” as the cliché goes.

I also want to believe that I will become my version of “better” this year – professionally, personally and spiritually. Yet, even with this essentially unsubstantiated hope, I don’t feel obligated to make any concrete resolutions. And despite my desire to be “in” with whatever crowd I’m not currently “in” with (the consequence of being an overalls-wearing outsider in high school), I don’t feel compelled to join the ranks of food bloggers who are participating in Recipe Girl’s Ten in 10 (Ten weeks to healthy in 2010).

Of course, given my recent dessert confessions, I probably should be resolving to pull the plug on my sugar addiction. And my precious desk drawer-o-chocolate. And the ice cream bonbons that are always (briefly) hibernating in my freezer.

But, I’m not.

And I’m not planning to become fluent in French or finish a triathlon or read War and Peace either.

Instead, I’m going to move forward in 2010 with hope, but no specific plan or agenda for self-improvement. I’m going to savor my post-lunch See’s scotchmallow without guilt, read chick lit novels that undermine my intelligence and give me false expectations about the true nature of love, and learn all the words to the “Glee” soundtrack so I can sing-along when I’m driving to work.

And I’m going to cook -- recipes that I’ve tagged in my new Bon Appétit cookbook and Orangette’s A Homemade Life. I’m going to use the pizza stone my brother and sister-in-law gave me for Christmas (possibly to make a pizza that isn’t frozen), and I’m going to come up with another great dish that involves quinoa.

Will these sessions in the kitchen make me better? Make me more successful, richer, more desirable to the opposite sex that, by the way, is supposed to be declaring their undying love for me by holding up a boom box playing Peter Gabriel outside my bedroom window?

Most likely not.

But they will make me happy. Because nothing has brought me more joy in 2009 than sharing my adventures about cooking, dining out with friends and scouring the city for that perfect piece of chocolate. Whatever happens this year – whatever highs and lows await (ideally more highs than lows), I resolve to keep doing what I’m already doing.

Having fun. And spending way too much money on food.


Marie said...

I hear ya! I'm not big into new year's resolutions, but I do try for overall themes if you will (not specific, but more of a change in perspective, etc.). Also, I got so hungry while reading A Homemade Life, and a bit emotional as well. Happy New Year!

Nicole Euan said...

Since you're going to make pizza this year, I want to recommend my fave pizza recipe. I got the dough recipe from an L.A. Times pizza article and the sauce from Sur la Table. Been making the best pizzas w/ them since. ;) Recipe & Pic:

Jenn said...

Here's to day one of the resolutions. I'm simply going to try to be much more healthier than I was last year. I did fair good in '09, let's see if I can top myself this year.

Happy New Year!!

Jenn said...

Oh, btw...I love that pizza stone!!

erica said...

beautiful entry, plan sounds like a perfectly good plan for 2010.

Esi said...

Happy happy new year!! It's going to be a great year (It has to be).

bagnatic said...

awww, good luck with the move. i use to really hate moving around...but sometimes it's for the best.

Caroline said...

Sounds good!

My brother and sister-in-law got me a pizza stone and cutter too!

Ashley said...

I like resolving to not resolve. I also like resolving to just be more aware - of my body, of others, of names during introductions.

2010 (!!!)

Gastronomer said...

Cheers to that!

Dude, we're gonna have so much fun this year ;-)

By the way, we work out way to hard to make silly resolutions!!

Diana said...

Marie - Change in perspective is good! Hope and optimism in 2010! (And Orangette’s arugula dark chocolate salad…)

Nicole – Thanks so much for the tip! I’ll definitely check the recipe out!

Jenn – Happy New Year! I think you do a great job of making traditionally caloric dishes healthy, but we could all probably benefit from cleaning up our diets. Just as long as we don’t get them too clean.

Erica – Thank you! Hope 2010 is a great one for you!

Esi – YES! It will be! And someday we will both look back at our current woes and laugh!

Bagnatic – Thanks! I know the move will be fine – I just need to find a place!

Caroline – Too funny! We’ll have to compare pizza notes. :)

Ashley – 2010!!! I do resolve to spend more time with you this year. Gotta take advantage of your proximity while you are still here!

Cathy – I know! I can’t wait. :)

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

Happy New Year Diana! I like your no plan plan. Who needs all these silly resolutions that no one follows, I like the idea of enjoying life and with that all the sweets it has to offer =). Heres to a great 2010!