Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to heat up a chocolate chip cookie without a microwave

It came upon me rather suddenly. One moment I was contemplating gnawing on the chilled date in my mini fridge at work, the next I was zipping down Ocean Park Blvd. in the direction of Thyme Cafe and Market in Santa Monica for something a bit more… caloric. The unexpected chill in the air had awakened an intense craving for a warm, comforting baked good. A cold piece of dried fruit was not going to suffice as my dessert – unless, of course it was enrobed and stuffed with chocolate.

Blame it on the rain (or, more accurately, the grey skies), but I had to have a chocolate chip cookie yesterday.

After procuring the object of my stomach’s affection for $1.25, however, I discovered a slight hitch in my plan to eradicate the bad weather blahs via warm, highly caloric food. While the cookie was packed with oversized disks of bittersweet chocolate (a key component of a perfect chocolate chip cookie), it was not a single degree above room temperature.

Most people would turn to the microwave at this critical juncture, but there are several inherent problems with using my office’s communal appliance. First, as any chocolate chip cookie aficionado knows, the intense blast of heat from a microwave can scorch the delicate baked good far past the desired level of ooey-gooeyness. Second, completing the act will most likely tip off hungry co-workers that I am in possession of a cookie that I am not going to share with them. And third, because someone in my office feels the need to make butter blasters popcorn every afternoon at 4 pm, using the microwave makes any heated item taste and smell like a movie theater.

I do not like popcorn-flavored cookies.

So, instead, I fixed myself of cup of green tea with the scorching hot water from the water cooler by my desk, I set a paper plate on top of the cup, and then positioned the cookie on the portion of the plate that was directly above the steaming water. Minutes later I had myself a perfectly ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie and a lovely cup of tea to go with it.

My dreary Tuesday was instantly better. And Miss. Popcorn Popper was none the wiser…

Thyme Cafe and Market
1630 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 399-8800


Anna A. said...

Pure genius! You need to patent this heating invention of yours ;)

bagnatic said...

haha, you're cute :)

Jenn said...

Hmm...I've never heated a cookie in the microwave before. I've alwasy reheat them in the oven or toaster oven. Interesting. I do like that paper plate trick. Now that's something I can do in a jiffy.

Esi said...

Clearly, you're a genius.

Diana said...

Anna - I was rather pleased with myself when I thought of it. ;)

Amy - If by "cute" you mean "crazy," then yes, I'm veeeery "cute."

Jenn - Toaster ovens or the oven are really the best way to go, but in a pinch, this steaming trip worked quite nicely!


Ashley said...

ohhh, look who's getting all domestic now! you're a bright one, hossfeld!

Gastronomer said...

You are a freak. A lovable freak.

Diana said...

Ashley - Just call me Martha. ;)

Cathy - Why thank you!

Marc Manabat said...
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Marc Manabat said...
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Marc Manabat said...
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