Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If inner freshness seal is missing or broken, do not use!

I’m probably being paranoid. I’m sure it wasn’t really the oatmeal that made me sick yesterday. As my mom has told me several times over the past 28 hours, “It’s a dry grain.”

Even so, I’m not convinced that the bug that rendered me incapable of eating anything other than dry toast, plain brown rice and a small banana yesterday was something I caught from all my air travel on Sunday. Yes, it seems like a reasonable explanation – planes are metal germ receptacles – but I’m not exactly a reasonable person.

I had a bit of a headache when I woke up yesterday morning from an unfortunate encounter with the metal screen door to my apartment on Sunday night (I banged my head/left eye into it), but nothing that kept me from eking out my habitual 5-mile run. I arrived home feeling fairly robust and didn’t think twice about eating my usual breakfast – a big pot of green tea and a bowl of peanut butter oatmeal.

I was a little nervous when I discovered that the seal on my new jumbo canister of 100% Quaker Oats was broken (especially since the lid clearly reads, “If inner freshness seal is missing or broken, do not use!”), but I was hungry and not in the mood for going into neurotic overdrive so early in the day. Even if the warning did include an exclamation point.

So I ate it.

And then joked on Twitter about it.

I wasn’t feeling particularly jokey three hours later when I had to leave work early. Or two hours after that when I was lying in the fetal position on my bed and asking my mom to drive up from the OC to take care of me. (I’m sort of wimpy when I’m sick.)

While a stomach bug is the best thing to happen to a dieter (See The Devil Wears Prada line, “I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”), for a food blogger it’s perhaps the worst thing that could happen (aside from being forced to eat at T.G.I. Fridays). I was starving all afternoon and evening, but couldn’t eat any of the kale or goat cheese or quinoa or pink lady apples that were taunting me from my newly restocked fridge. My extreme hunger was making me even more nauseated, and I knew I had to take drastic action before things got worse. I had to go B.R.A.T. (As in the diet, not the unbecoming behavior I adopt when I don't get my way.)

So as I lay on my couch, watching DVRed episodes of "Gossip Girl," "Undercover Boss" and "30 Rock," I nibbled on a piece of dry toast (T), a small banana (B), and, later in the evening, plain brown rice (R) with a scrambled egg. (I subbed in an E for the A for applesauce.) By this morning, I was feeling well enough to crack open a new container of oats for a bowl of banana oatmeal. And this afternoon, I even managed a pear and some peanut butter and jam on that toast.

I won’t, however, be making oatmeal from the broken seal canister of oats any time soon.

Unless, of course, I need to lose a dress size.


Mike T. said...

Feel better, deary.

robincgonz said...

Actually, oatmeal goes moldy! Yeah, it's dry, but it gets some sort of weird spore in it... Which made me -- at least -- really, really sick.

Who knew?

But I hope you're feeling better soon!

Jenn said...

Aww...I guess that's a lesson learned (?). I probably would have done the same thing. Hope you feel better.

Hungry Passport said...

I'm sorry you're feeling "like Death eating a cracker," as the saying goes, but I appreciate your sharing the tummy bug biz with us. I blogged similarly a couple of years ago and have wondered ever since if I should have put that on a food blog. And now you've shown me I was right.

When you're not the one in agony it's much easier to maintain the distance required to appreciate that stomach bugs are sometimes a part of eating, and that anyone can succumb. I think it's much easier to face--or admit--if what's made you so ill is something wildly exotic, a category into which breakfast cereal sadly does not fall.

I guess it's too late for you to tell us that it was mussels or mushrooms you harvested yourself that did you in...

Hope you're well soon!

Cheers! Carol

Esi said...

Sorry you got sick! But I don't think it was the oats...

Gastronomer said...

First a traffic ticket, now this?! Aw, Diana. I hope you're back to feeling spry. XO!

Anna A. said...

TALFY hope your tummy is doing better and you're relinquishing the kale and goat cheese. Someone was trying to roofie your oatmeal. Not cool.

Diana said...

Mike - Thanks! I'm feeling much better today! :)

Robin - Who would have thunk it? I'm glad I'm not completely crazy in thinking it was the oatmeal that did it.

Jenn - Yep, lesson definitely learned!!

Carol - Thanks for chiming in. I was a little worried about posting about it, but thought if I kept it as factual as possible it would be okay. I also thought it might be helpful for people to know what they should do/eat when they are suffering from similar bugs. We've all been there!

Esi - The world may never know...

Cathy - Don't forget the black eye! It hasn't been my week, but I'm sort of laughing about it now. Well laugh/crying. ;)

Anna - I am definitely feeling better today - woke up STARVING! Had a big bowl of untainted oats.

Bianca said...

Aw man! I hope u feel better! I feel you! I've ignored the warnings & went for it & like you said, it was a food blogger's nightmare.