Monday, June 21, 2010

Eat My Blog: Magic -- in a bakery box

It’s 2:45 am on Saturday morning and sleep is nowhere in my immediate future. I glare at the clock on my bedside table, willing it to move faster – willing it to turn to 6:22 am.

I’m not crazy. I’m not a glutton for sleep deprivation. I’m just excited – far too excited for such a mundane task like sleeping.

In just a few short hours the second
Eat My Blog will be taking place at Tender Greens in West Hollywood, and I can’t wait to get there to begin setting up the tables for the bake sale. I can’t wait to see my friends on the planning committee – Cathy Danh, the organizer and mastermind of Eat My Blog, Anjali from Delicious Coma, and Laurie from G-Ma’s Bakery.

And I can’t wait to see how the day will unfold.

Looking back now, nearly 48 hours after we stormed the patio at Tender Greens with our loot and army of food bloggers, bakers and bakery boxes, I can scarcely believe it even happened. Were we really there? Did we really raise over $5,400 for the LA Regional Food Bank? And did my mom really come parading in with not one, but two strawberry napoleons that she and my dad had picked up from Chef Ludo’s home on their way to the event?

The whole day was magical. Like being transported to a unique space and time where only good will and kindness and sugar exists. My heart aches at the memories – meeting Chef Debbie Lee from “The Next Food Network Star, Season 5” who made beautiful Bacon Coffee Cakes with Almond Butterscotch Drizzle for us while simultaneously launching her Southern-Korean pub style food truck, Ahn-Joo, last week. Or seeing Stan from Valerie Confections arrive with bakery boxes, a helping hand and pristine white chocolate petit fours and aprium tarts. Or watching Pastry Chef Kristin Feuer from BakeLab take charge with the construction of our tower of bakery boxes – diving in with the same zeal she applies toward the creation of her impeccable cakes and cookies.

It brings tears to my eyes to think of it all. To think of the outpouring of support from everyone in the dining community – the food bloggers who slaved in their kitchens to bake up the delicious treats that flooded the tables, the food “Tweeps” who graciously purchased brownies and cupcakes with no regard for their waistlines or wallets, and the restaurants and chefs who eagerly jumped on board to support the cause.

In addition to Ludo Lefebvre, Valerie Confections, BakeLab, and Chef Debbie Lee, we were fortunate to receive support and contributions from KCRW “Good Food” Host and Chef Evan Kleiman, Starry Kitchen, the Chicks with Knives, Cube, Fraiche, Plaisir, Drago Centro, Kiss My Bundt, Euro Pane, Hollywood Corner, Choppe Choppe, Scoops Ice Cream, iHerb, Steven Lam Photography, Js2 Communications, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and 20th Century Fox.

The generosity I witnessed on Saturday was overwhelming – the type of thing that could make a Grinch’s heart grow three sizes, make a grown woman cry and inspire people to sincerely say, “Keep the change.”

And, on the most magical of days, the type of thing that can raise $5427 for the LA Regional Food Bank.


Anna A. said...

It was an awesome event and yeah, thanks for the box photo props - that was all Bakelab, Astronomer and moi. (except Kristin was 10x the box folder of the rest of us):)

Your blondies were TO DO FOR. Seriously, my favorite treat of EMB (although I only tried 10/200+) :)

Gastronomer said...

High-five, woman! Can't wait to do it again :-)

yutjangsah said...

Ya done good. I'm proud of you girl!

FS said...

Your blondies were delicious! I wish I had bought more :D

Jennifer said...

It was such a great event. I was so proud to be a part of it, can't wait to bake and eat at the next one.

Ashley said...

*tear* so sad to have missed it, but CONGRATS!

Jennifer said...

OhmygodOhmygod, my mouth is salivating. What an AMAZING day!!! I'm So So sad I had to miss it!!! (though Mexico was a blast ;)
How often do these bake-sales occur?

Dessert Darling

Esi said...

I'm in a sugar coma just looking at the pics. Glad it was amazeballs though!

Nomsnotbombs said...

You ladies worked SO hard, and the day was SO much fun. Congrats!!!

Daily Gluttony said...

Congrats Diana!!! So sorry I missed it this time...I'm so bummed. I sent two of my coworkers though, and am living vicariously through them. :)

Kung Food Panda said...

The event looks better than last time and for such a great cause. I hope you guys will do it again soon! :)

Jenn said...

I wish I could have been there to see it all. But I'm glad I was albe to participate in a small way with some baked goods.

Diana said...

Anna - I'm so glad you liked the blondies! Thanks again for all your help and for your mad box-folding skills. You rock, TALF!

Cathy - High-five, indeed. ;)

Sook - Thanks for coming by! You are an EMB star - with or without the dump cake. ;)

Meg - Yay! I tried that recipe a few different times to get it right - glad you enjoyed the blondie!

Jennifer - It was so great having you involved! We were proud of all our EMB bakers! :)

Ashley - Thanks! Next time, I want some ginger scones! ;)

Jenny - We are already planning the next bake sale for December. We'd love to have you bake something for it if you are up for it! :)

Esi - Thanks! We missed you on Saturday, but there will be more... oh yes there will!

Misty - Thank you for all your help! And those guava bars -- gaaah! Still thinking about those crumbs I nabbed!

Pam - We'll screw up your diet at the next one. ;)

Danny - December 2010. Be there! Or be a square Panda.

Jenn - Wish I had known those were your nutella blondies! Would have been sure to nab one!

Lauren Jaxson said...

You worked hard for this event. I hope you guys will do it again soon and thanks for sharing these bakery boxes

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