Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Carmel Bakery: The best brownie in the world?

I had one prerogative for my trip to the Carmel area. Not to spot Arnold Schwarzenegger perusing the scene at the Concours d’Elegance car show nor to snag a cute car aficionado’s phone number for my depleted collection, but to get and eat a brownie from Carmel Bakery.

A colleague and I stumbled upon the Carmel landmark that has been open since 1906, two years ago when we looking for a place to grab lunch in town. After gorging on pancakes and eggs at a local cafe, we went back to the bakery to order some of their signature salty soft pretzels to snack on later in the day. On a whim, I asked for a brownie, as well. As we drove back to our work site, I couldn’t help sneaking a bite of the dense, chocolate-chip studded bar.

“Oh my gosh!” I gushed, shocked by how good it was. I insisted that my friend try a bite, but then devoured the rest of the oversized brownie myself.

The brownie is the perfect combination of fudgy and cakey – intensely chocolaty, but not in the way that necessitates a gallon of milk to consume. The top is slightly crackly, adding a nice textural contrast to the soft interior that is further enhanced by the addition of mini chocolate chips to the top. It is the best brownie I’ve ever had – really the only bakery brownie I have ever found as irresistible as the ones I make at home.

On this trip, I made it to Carmel Bakery on my first night in town. Even though I had just split a small ice cream sundae with a friend at the Flying Fish Grill, I couldn’t bear to walk by the homey space with its alluring display of baked goodies without going inside. I also couldn’t bear transporting the brownie back to the hotel without ripping open the bag. I had to know if it was as good as I remembered.

As I drove along the dark, tree-lined streets, I surreptitiously stuffed half of the bar into my mouth. It was still the perfect brownie – and was the perfect excuse to eat two desserts.

Carmel Bakery
Ocean Ave & Lincoln
Carmel, CA 93923
(831) 626-8885


nelehelen said...

the best brownie ever?? wow.. that's a bold statement! Are the baked goodies on the pricey side or average??

Pearl said...

best brownies deserve two desserts!

Esi said...

That is a bold statement, but it does sound really good. I love the crackly tops of brownies. Next to the edges, that's the best part!

Ashley said...

i shouldn't read this when i'm hungry for sweets. killin me.

Anna A. said...

Best brownie eva??!! Those are powerful words, youngin! It does look delicious, but in my mind the perfect brownies has loads of walnuts :)

Diana said...

Helen - Well, the best brownie I've ever had! It really is. I can't think of a single brownie that I have liked better. Bold statement made. ;)

Pearl - My thoughts exactly!

Esi - Yes, totally agree! If my brownie doesn't have a crackly top, I want nothing to do with it!

Ashley - Haha, think about how I feel having to write about it!

Anna - Ohhh you are one of thoooose people. I love my nuts too, but not in my brownies. Chocolate chips are as far as I'll go.