Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Big Fat Hot Date with the Taste of Beverly Hills

It’s no state secret that the blind date I had at Gloria’s Cafe this past March didn’t exactly go… well.

For a refresher – he said he was moving in a month, told me my voice sounds like Sarah Palin’s, hogged the sangria, didn’t know what a pupusa was, and then paid the bill with a cheeky, “I can get this because I didn’t rent a car this week.”

There was obviously no second date. And not just because he later found (and read) my not-so-flattering post about him.

I was a bit more discreet about the guy that came after him – the one who I actually made it to date #3 with before I screwed things up. Without going into too much detail, on this occasion, I was the terrible, no good, very bad date. When he suggested going to Jian BBQ or the Stinking Rose for dinner, I balked and said I was in the mood for pasta so we could go where I wanted to go – Osteria Mamma. Then, I made the terrible mistake of telling him about my Gloria’s date. Instead of laughing about it, like I had envisioned in my head, he looked appalled – especially when I mentioned I’d written about it on my blog.

Again, a bad bad decision.

The nail in the coffin, however, was probably when he held up my Droid light for me so I could photograph our food (which was, incidentally, delicious). Even though he did know about my food fetish and had graciously offered to hold the light, the moment continues to haunt me.

He must have thought I was crazy.

And he would have been right.

Since that night, my social calendar has been decidedly void of social engagements with male suitors. I let my subscription expire, and I’ve instead focused my energies on my friends, family, KitchenAid Stand Mixer and eating. Cupcakes don’t get offended when I write about them. And they never judge me for taking their picture.

Given my shift in focus from boys to baked goods, it shouldn’t be surprising that my next “big” date also involves food. This Saturday, September 4th, I will be attending the Taste of Beverly Hills’ “Date Night” which will take place from 7 – 11 pm behind the Beverly Hilton. And I won’t be bringing a guest with me.

Unless, of course, my camera counts as a guest (it does take up all the space in my Hobo clutch).

At Saturday evening’s event, there will be live cooking demonstrations with LA’s beleved Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Tim Love from the Lonesome Dove in Texas, as well as unlimited samples of food from 40+ hand-selected restaurants from the LA area. Notable restaurants include Angelini Osteria, Craft, Culina, Father’s Office, Mo Chica, Water Grill, and my favorite source for a chocolate fix, Valerie Confections. There will also be unlimited pours of wine, beer and cocktails – no danger of my nonexistent date drinking the last of the sangria here.

Tickets for this particular event are $150, but if tickets are purchased on-line, revelers can enter the code TASTE50 to receive $50 off.

A full schedule of the Taste of Beverly Hills event, which will be taking place over the course of Thursday, September 2nd – Sunday, September, 5th, can be found on the official website. Details on Saturday night are listed below.

Saturday, September 4th
Date Night
7:00pm – 11:00pm

Enjoy a beautiful evening of food, wine and entertainment with a significant other or friends, while partaking in some of the city’s top restaurants and their signature entrees. Spend one-on-one time with industry experts and delve into a beautiful variety of wines, showcasing vintners top wines, but also pouring some everyday selections.

Live cooking demonstrations from favorite regional chefs
Grand Tasting featuring 40+ hand-selected restaurants from the Los Angeles area
Wine sessions from Master Sommeliers, wine educators and winery owners
Beer, wine & cocktail tastings
LA’s best DJs
Live musical performance
Live musical performances by:
Fitz & The Tantrums
Brent Bolthouse

Live cooking demonstrations:
Ludo Lefebvre
Cooking Demonstration Time: 7:30pm
Tim Love
Cooking Demonstration Time: 8:30pm

Participating restaurants include:

25 Degrees
Angelini Osteria
Boa Steakhouse
CHAYA Restaurant
Enoteca Drago (Drago
family Restaurants)
Father’s Office
Ford’s Filling Station Gingergrass
L’ Epicerie
Mickey Fine Pharmacy
and Grill
Mo Chica
Nate ‘N Al’s
Nonna Of Italy
Osteria La Buca Pace
Philippe The Original
Porta Via
Public Kitchen and Bar
Simon LA
Takami Sushi
The Beverly Hilton
The Blvd at Beverly Wilshire Hotel
The Peninsula Beverly Hills
Valerie Confections
Water Grill

All-inclusive price of $150 for unlimited samplings of food and drink.

Make your reservation now!

Full disclosure: My ticket fee for the event has been waived.


SinoSoul said...

Uncouth Gourmand will be volunteering some where within the premises. You may bond over a bathroom run-in with the remaining LA member of the UGs.

kevinEats said...

Stinking Rose? Really? Perhaps it's for the better that you let that one go...

Esi said...

Saturday sounds like it will be fun...except not that much fun since I won't be I'll be at LA times on Sunday though!

Protocol Snow said...

I like your restaurant reviews, but your dating misadventures are the best part of your blog!

Anna A. said...

Aww TALF, I love your lil stories and your way with words. This date will def be, big fat hot (and well, too bad I'm not there cause it could be GREEK, lol). Have fun and can't wait to hear all about it.

ChocoMeat said...

Your misadventures are too charming! And boy if I had a Voltaggio McNugget for every weird look I've gotten on a first dates when I've asked if it's cool for me to photograph the meal extensively... *sigh* Solidarity, sister!

Nicole said...

lol!!! aren't those nail in the coffin comments just so horrifying..i once had a guy take me to see Jar Heads on our second date and after the movie when i remarked that the person who wrote the book that the movie was based on obviously hated women he was just horrified at my comment! and there was no third date! LOL! :)

Nicole said...

have fun btw, that sounds fun! and delicious!

Diana said...

Tony - Definitely, no comment. Shame!

Kevin - I know. I was supremely disappointed when he suggested it -- especially since he said he was going to do "research" to find some place great. Right...

Esi - Haha awww I wish you would be! Would love to hang out at one of these all-you-can eat/drink fests with you again!

Protocol Snow - Hah, thank you? Though truth be told, I actually have more fun writing about my misadventures than I do about food! Shhh... don't tell anyone. ;)

Anna - I wish you could be there too! We'd have a blast! Want to book a last minute flight down? ;)

Nathan - I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels the need to pull out the cam even on dates! I know it's repulsive and horrid and the reason that women like the Houston Press reviewer are anti-foodie, but how could I not capture Mamma's squid ink pasta for posterity?

Nicole - Sounds like he wasn't a catch any way! Especially since you ultimately found a much better catch!