Tuesday, November 30, 2010

EAT MY BLOG: Walnut Sea Salt Caramels, Wine and a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Oh My!

Last night I went to bed thinking about starving children.

Lots of them.

I pictured them lined up in a row with empty bowls and sad expressions like the orphans in Oliver!, all hoping that the headmaster might grant them a bit more gruel.

It was all I could do to keep myself from devouring the walnut sea salt caramels I’d begun wrapping for the third Eat My Blog charity bake sale that will be taking place this Saturday, December 4th, from 10 am to 4 pm at Tender Greens in West Hollywood.

I’d sampled one earlier in the night – just to make sure they would be okay to sell (wink, wink) – and that one calamitously good bite left my tongue sweating for, well, more.

Yes, moooore!

But I resisted.

I made myself a cup of rooibos peach tea and, despite the frigid temperatures that are currently attacking Los Angeles, procured a couple of Trader Joe’s chocolate covered chocolate ice cream bon bons from my freezer instead. As much as I wanted to inhale an entire row of the sweet, nutty, salty taffy-like caramels, I kept my eye on the prize. The caramels, along with all the other baked goodies that 50 of my fellow food bloggers and 13 restaurants/pastry chefs/bakeries will be contributing to Eat My Blog on Saturday will be serving a far greater purpose than satisfying rabid sweet teeth like mine.

All the proceeds generated from the bake sale will again be donated to the LA Regional Food Bank to help chip away at the hunger epidemic in the city.

In addition to all the fabulous treats like Chow Balla’s bacon caramel popcorn, BakeLab's seriously delightful coconut clouds (aka snowballs), and Sweet Life Kitchen’s gingerbread cake pops, we will also be holding a raffle with some amazing prizes for our generous donors. Anyone who makes a monetary donation to the Food Bank at the bake sale will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

-A KitchenAid Stand Mixer donated by TasteSpotting
-A $50 gift certificate to local wine shop, DomaineLA
-A $50 gift certificate to Lou on Vine
-A $40 gift card to Rosso Wine Shop’s tasting bar
-A free wine tasting at Colorado Wine Company

Of course, the greatest prize will come after the bake sale when Cathy from Gastronomy Blog and the rest of us on the Eat My Blog planning committee will get to present a check to the Food Bank.

Because there really are a lot of starving children in LA, and it is our sincerest hope that this Saturday’s bake sale will help a few of them go to bed with fuller stomachs and happy hearts in this coming year.

Eat My Blog Charity Bake Sale
Saturday, December 4th, 10 am – 4 pm

Tender Greens
8759 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

All items will be priced between $1 and $4. Come early for the best selection! (Or I may beat you to the caramels….)


Gastronomer said...

Thanks for thinking of the children, Diana. I will do the same when I whip up the PB sandwich cookies. So tempting!

Monet said...

This is such a great event. I'm thinking about organizing one here in Austin. I love that you are a part of it and that you are sharing it with me! Thanks again, dear. I hope you have a great Tuesday evening!

Esi said...

First batch of marshmallows are done!! Hope it's an outstanding success.

stuffycheaks said...

what a great cause! i cant bake but i sure can eat!

Darin said...

Looking good!

Jenny said...

These Caramels look Super delicious! I'm so sorry I had to drop out of the charity event. Darn finger surgery :P

Dessert Darling