Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pistachio Nut Butter: Don't judge a book...

There's no getting around it -- it's hideous.

I was horrified as soon as saw the putrid olive sludge emerge from the whirring blades of my immersion blender a week ago Saturday. In my mind, the roasted pistachio nut butter would be a spritely, seasonally-appropriate green -- the same color as the Grinch's fur in the childhood Christmas story.

Instead it looked like something teenage boys might snicker over in the locker room.

And as soon as I recovered from my initial horror, I may have snickered about it too.

Until I tasted it.

In the week since I made the swamp-like pistachio butter for a TasteSpotting feature about homemade English muffins, I've been looking for any possible excuse to eat it. I've stirred it into oatmeal, I've smeared it onto cold bananas, and I've eaten it by the spoonful as "dessert."

It might just be the best example of the tired phrase, "Don't judge a book by its cover," ever.

I think. I'll have to go eat another spoonful to make sure...

Recipe for Pistachio Nut Butter can be find here.


Anna A. said...

No judging in this corner. I love anything pistachio but skeptical of the neon green stuff. hmm good stuff TALF and I need to get on those homemade English muffers fast!

the actor's diet said...

i've a whole buncha pistachios! yay!

Monet said...

I'm actually eating some pistachios right now! And I am so eager to try this (pretty or not!) I can only imagine how great this must taste with some homemade english muffins! Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday!

Esi said...

But it tastes good and that is all that matters!

stuffycheaks said...

oh gosh, never heard of pistachio butter before, Love!! move away, almond butter.

Diana said...

Anna - The English muffins are great and super easy to make! I had fun frying them up like eggs. And then I had fun using them to make egg sandwiches this past weekend... yum!

Lynn - You must turn them into pistachio butter! And then stir it into your oatmeal. :)

Monet - It really is tasty - let me know if you try it! I'm sure it would be great on some of those fabulous rolls you are always baking!

Esi - Exactly!

Stephanie - It definitely has a richer, more complex flavor than almond butter. Highly recommend!