Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thyme Cafe and Market: 7-Layer Bars

“This is torture.” I think as I methodically arrange the lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and other baked goods on the platter. A heady chunk of chocolate from the 7-layer magic bar falls off in my hand and for a moment I contemplate shellacking it back on and ignoring it completely.

“This is why I had four squares of dark chocolate after lunch,” I remind myself.

I’d known I’d be tempted to devour some of Thyme Cafe and Market’s sweet treats when I went to pick them up for the afternoon meeting at my office, and I thought that by ingesting a substantial lunch dessert, I’d be able to resist Chef Marie Byrne’s rustic, homey goods.

But I hadn’t anticipated just how good the 7-layer bar would look with its meaty hunks of butterscotch chips, disks of bittersweet dark and white chocolate, fudgy center, toasted coconut, and plump raisins.

My lips quiver with sugar lust and before I can stop myself I shove the displaced piece of chocolate in my mouth.

“Oh no,” I think as it melts into my tongue. “It’s all over now.”

I finish arranging the platter and then race back to my desk with the largest 7-layer bar on the plate. I quickly brew a cup of tea, but I’m too impatient to photograph the evidence before digging in.

“I’ll just have to go back for another one,” I think as I massacre the epically sweet bar in record time. Graham cracker crumbs liter my desk when I’m finished -- guilty little reminders of what has just transpired within the four yellow walls of my office.

But I know I’m going to have another one in the near future. And seven days later, I do. Because Thyme Cafe and Market’s 7-layer magic bars are the best I’ve had – guilty little graham cracker crumbs and all.

Thyme Cafe and Market
1630 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 399-8800


Pearl said...

you make me want to drive up to LA just for that, diana!

Esi said...

Magical...I wonder if I can peel out the raisins.

stuffycheaks said...

so dangerous to have Thyme and Bite near your work!

The Duo Dishes said...

The raisins inside are a definitely a different element. Never seen that before in a 7-layer bar. But of course, you can toss anything in there.

bagnatic said...

man that bar looks crazy....but in a yummy way.

Gastronomer said...

I'm with Esi, love everything in the bar but the raisins... That just means more 7-layer bars for you!

Diana said...

Pearl - Well if you ever do, give me a shout!

Esi, Cathy - Haha, they are actually just resting on top, not baked into the bar, so you could easily extract them and give them to me.

Stephanie - You're telling me! I'm surrounded!

Chrystal & Amir - I hadn't seen them in one before either! In my mind, it's what makes them extra special. Love that bit of chewiness!

Amy - Oh yes, definitely in a yummy way! :)

Anna A. said...

Meaty chunks of butterscotch chips?! Hah I love that description. I could bench 200 lbs after one of these!

Monet said...

Oh my. Talk about food porn! These look and sound so good. I only wish I lived in California. Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope you are having a relaxing Saturday!