Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eat My Blog 3.0: A feast for the eyes, mouth and soul

It’s been really hard for me to get out of bed in the morning this fall – especially during these past couple weeks when Los Angeles has been hit with a small dose of cold weather. Pulling myself from the pink web of my bedding at 6 am is no easy feat when it’s 40 degrees outside and I need to go for a run. Some days I find myself lying there for a good ten minutes, staring at the ceiling asking, “Why God? Why?”

This past Saturday morning, however, I had no such trouble yanking myself awake. When my alarm went off at precisely 6:25 am, I practically left skid marks on my sheets as I burned rubber bounding out of bed. I couldn’t wait to get up – couldn’t wait to get over to Tender Greens in West Hollywood to start setting up for the third Eat My Blog Charity Bake Sale that would begin at 10 am.

Over the course of the six hour bake sale, myself and the other Eat My Blog committee members, founder, Cathy Chaplin of Gastronomy Blog, Laurie Hartzell from G-Ma’s Bakery, and Amy Luu from the Roaming Belly, sold our little hearts out. At the end of the day, we’d raised over $3,700 for the LA Regional Food Bank, bringing our grand total for all three bake sales to $12,000.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story of Eat My Blog. The real Eat My Blog story is about the people – the food bloggers and bakers, the restaurants, the bakeries, and the representatives from across the LA dining community who came out on Saturday to support the cause.

It’s about Ashley from Place and Taste who whipped up apple bread pudding on Friday even though she was blurry-eyed and delirious from writing papers for her grad school finals. It’s about Nguyen from Starry Kitchen who showed up at the bake sale wearing a banana suit to get the crowd amped about the event. It’s about LAist Editor Lindsay William-Ross, who dropped off her sea salt toffee for the sale, went home to write about it, and then came back to buy treats.

It never ceases to amaze me how generous the people of LA can be when they aren’t refusing to let me over on the freeway.

Makes me kind of love you all, man. Especially Anjali from the Delicious Coma who made an awe-inspiring Gingerbread Guinness Cupcake, and Pastry Chef Kristin Feuer from Bakelab, whose coconut cloud was the first thing I attacked when I got home Saturday night.

Apparently, sugar does a soul good. And it does wonders for the Food Bank, as well.


Alessandra said...

You are amazing! I am so proud of what you and the other bloggers have accomplished through your bake sales!

Gastronomer said...

It's a year away, but I'm already very excited for EMB 4.0! Thank you for all of your hard work with this one, we couldn't have done it without your dedication. XOXO!

Ashley said...

Congrats again! Proud to be a tiny part of it!

weezermonkey said...

Congrats on a job well done!

stuffycheaks said...

darn, wish I could have made it but had family in town. Sounds like such an awesome event! Congrats!

the actor's diet said...

i wish i could've gone! i love that nguyen is still rockin that banana outfit - it's from a movie i was in (that he was the producer's rep for) "white on rice!" over 3 years old!!!

Esi said...

Woot woot!! Glad I was able to make it if only for a bit. By this time next year, it will have raised 20 grand!

FS said...

So sad I missed it! I hope to make it to the next one!

Diana said...

Ali - Thanks so much! You always inspire me with all your volunteer efforts too - Girls on the Run, etc.

Cathy - Me too!!!! Can't wait to start planning!

Ashley - Thank you so much for your support and bread puddings! Wish I could have nabbed one for myself!

Weez - Thank you!

Stephanie - Aw, wish you could have made it too! Where will you be next December? ;)

Lynn - Haha, I didn't know that!! Nguyen and I actually have a mutual friend from our industry days too. Small world!

Esi - You know it! Your marshmallows are gonna make it happen!

Meg - Aw thanks! Hope you've been well!

bagnatic said...

awesome recap diana! made me smile all over again.

Katherine Swanson said...

Looks awesome! Let me know when the next one is, I'd love to help out!

Kung Food Panda said...

Nice Work D! :)