Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Favorite Recipes from 2010

I had great plans for my kitchen when 2009 wound its way into 2010. This was the year I was finally going to overcome my fear of working with yeast to make pizza and bread from scratch. This was the year I was going to poach an egg without hyperventilating when I released the poor embryo into a pot of boiling water (terrifying, I tell you). This was the year I was going to challenge myself to stray even further outside of my safe little quinoa and cookie recipe box to do things the likes of which my oven mitts had never before seen.

For the most part, I did find myself expanding my culinary arsenal during this past year. I mastered brioche buns, pretzel rolls, English muffins, that actually quite simple and not at all terrifying poached egg, and even did crazy Martha Stewart-type stuff like making my own nut butter, pickles, caramels, and granola. (Don’t worry, I do not and never will own a poncho. Unless Anthropologie starts carrying them…)

When the weather turned warm, I turned fresh figs into ice cream, I learned how to select a ripe honeydew and then used it to make popsicles with freshly squeezed lime juice, and I finally started taking advantage of all the produce at all the Los Angeles farmer’s markets like a good little locovore.

But for all my successes and kitchen triumphs, I still failed at making pizza – twice.

And I still can’t seem to cook a piece of fish without rendering it into a dry and lifeless commodity that I would be embarrassed to serve to anyone other than an indiscriminate pet. Or, more accurately, the roaches that took up residence in my apartment before I blanketed my unit with 17 roach motels.

May they not rest in peace.

I also couldn’t quite kick my obsession with quinoa, and found an excuse to incorporate it into every single recipe I could – even turkey meatballs.

All things considered, as I stand at the threshold of 2011, I feel excited about all I accomplished this year in my shoebox of a kitchen. Here are a few of my favorite recipes and accomplishments – heavy dose of quinoa, included.


bagnatic said...

your recipes are certainly inspiring! can't wait to read up and drool in 2011 ;)

Esi said...

Wait, what?! You like quinoa??? haha. I kid. Lentil soup is going to be one of the first I try in 2011

Gastronomer said...

I feel like I've gotten my daily dose of whole grains and fruits/veggies from just reading this post! That's my D Takes a B!