Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Village Bakery and the God of Donut Muffin

My friend Hank recently sent me a link to an illustrated story called “God of Cake” that was featured on the blog “Hyperbole and a Half.” To briefly summarize what really shouldn’t be summarized due to the extreme loss of hilarity – after a four-year-old girl steals a bite of her grandfather’s birthday cake she morphs into a cake crazy beast who overcomes many obstacles (locked doors, parental reprimands) to eat the rest of the cake.

What makes the story so funny (aside from the pictures) is that it is some what true to life. Or at least some what true to my life (see post for Scoops Westside in which I detail visiting the ice cream shop three times in 24 hours).

A week ago Sunday, I had a similar compulsive reaction upon tasting the donut muffin at the Village Bakery, a brunching and lunching carboholic’s paradise in Atwater Village. While the standard egg dishes, salads and sandwiches served at the casual cafe and bakery make it more of a local’s spot than a dining destination, I was drawn to make the trek from my neck of the LA woods courtesy of the 30% Blackboard Eats code that was burning a hole in my Gmail inbox. Tony of Sino Soul and his lovely wife Hayon were happy to jump on board Mission Use BBE Code Before it Expires.

As we stood in line to place our brunch orders that afternoon, I had every intention of keeping my inner four-year-old cake-eating-beast under wraps where she belongs. I would get the Atwater Special composed of a grilled potato leek cake topped with parmesan, scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato and crumbled Niman Ranch bacon ($9.50) and be done with it. Yet as I took in the contents of the bakery’s pastry case my pulse began to quicken with the first symptoms of sugar lust.

Golden bacon maple and apricot ginger scones beckoned me from one side of the case, lusty lemon-rosemary almond olive oil cakes coquettishly winked at me from the other side, and a heaping pile of croissants in the center teased me with the promise of tender folds of buttery bliss. But it was the cinnamon-sugar dusted donut muffins that ultimately instigated my bestial instincts to take over.

As soon as I tore off a piece of the donut muffin’s airy flesh I knew what was going to happen. My simple egg breakfast would be lost in the shuffle as I concentrated on cramming the entire donut muffin hybrid into my mouth at the slowest rate possible lest the sugar beast’s presence be detected by my much saner dining companions. I set it aside so I could focus on my plate of freshly scrambled eggs and humble hash brown/mashed potato cake, but with each passing forkful, the beast’s appetite for more sugar grew.

When the last bite of my savory brunch had been safely shepherded into my mouth, I turned my full attention to the pillowy puff of donut muffin before me. As every cinnamon sugar-crusted morsel disappeared into my bestial vessel, I rationalized my eager consumption by telling myself that at least it was baked – not fried. Had I not been in mixed company, I would have also used that rationalization to purchase several more for the car ride home to West Hollywood so the beast could eat and cram and drip crumbs sans audience.

Restraint had momentarily returned to my body, however, and I left the Village Bakery empty-handed. But in the week and a half since the possession took place, not a day has gone by when my inner-four-year-old cake-beast has not let out a wailing reminder that there are donut muffins that need to be eaten in Atwater Village. One of these days I may just have to listen to her.

The Village Bakery
3119 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039-1506
(323) 662-8600


Anna A. said...

Ahhhh I used to live at the Village Bakery back in the days. I love their muffins. Never had their D-nut version. Damn!

Gastronomer said...

It's been decided, I will make doughnut muffins for dessert when I have you over for dinner :-) MMMMMM!!!

Esi said...

It's quite possible to eat an entire batch of donut muffins in one sitting...I may or may not know that from personal experience.

bagnatic said...

a donut muffin?!? say it ain't so! atwater is quite close to me...i might have to succumb to it one of these days.

Hank said...

God of Cake is so funny! And now I must check out Village Bakery.

Diana said...

Anna - I've seen a few recipes floating around the web. Check out G-Ma's Bakery for her versions - they look fab!

Cathy - Woohoo!!!

Esi - I don't see anything wrong with that...

Amy - Succomb! Succomb! And then call me so I can succomb with you!

Hank - Let me know if you ever want to do brunch there! We can both be gods of donut muffins.

John said...

Muffins! I love it so much that I always have some on my fridge...

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