Thursday, February 24, 2011

Softer Soles $25 Giveaway: A treat for the feet

Back in the days when my world didn’t revolve almost entirely around food, I spent my money like most girls my age do. There were weekly shopping trips to the Grove, impulse trashy magazine purchases at the checkout stand, and bi-monthly pedicures at my favorite nail salon, Bellacures.

When I started going out more often and cooking with ingredients that were more expensive than a package of chicken and a 99-cent box of pasta from Trader Joe’s, my spending habits began to change. I live on a tight budget and something had to give. As much as I love playing dress-up at Anthropologie, I wasn’t about to bid Osteria Mozza or my new impulse purchases of $5 chocolate bars adieu.

So I stopped going to the Grove every weekend, I opted to read the slightly disheveled and sweaty magazines at my gym as opposed to buying my own, and I started getting pedicures less frequently.

Regardless of how long it had been between my pedicures (one month, two months, six months), Tommy Vu, my favorite nail technician at Bellacures, would always greet me with a huge smile and hug. Even with my often callused-feet and disreputable nails (I’m sure no treat for him to polish), Tommy treated me like I was his best customer. While I’d never been the type of girl who felt it necessary to request a certain technician (I always thought that was rather fussy), once I’d had Tommy, I couldn’t imagine letting anyone else touch my feet.

So when he told me he was opening up his own salon, Softer Soles, with fellow Bellacures stud, Cathy, I knew that I would be following him to the West 3rd Street location as soon as they opened.

A couple days before the grand opening on February 8th, Tommy shot me a message on Facebook to let me know they were finally in business. It had been six months since my last pedicure (I’d been doing a LOT of eating), so I was more than overdue for a visit.

This past Monday evening, I finally ducked into the bright, clean space to give my long-neglected toes the same sort of treatment I usually reserve for my stomach. As my poor nails were clipped, buffed and polished, Tommy told me all about their plans for the spa-like salon. While they are currently only offering pedicures, manicures and waxing (a full list of services can be found below), in the next few weeks they will be hiring a masseuse and foot masseuse to give clients massages in the back rooms. I'm particularly excited about the $15 minute food massages that will be available until 10 pm on week nights. Softer Soles will also be offering services for private parties and will host special events for holidays like Mother’s Day.

While I still can’t fathom giving up my luxurious pasta dinners, I’m definitely going to be making room in my budget for more $25 pedicures at Softer Soles. And because Tommy has always treated me with so much kindness, I’m going to extend a bit of that love to all of my faithful readers who have put up with my obsessive quinoa talk, nonsensical digressions about my illicit scone dreams, and reverent ramblings about Nancy Silverton.

To that end, I’m hosting a giveaway for one lucky LA reader to receive a $25 gift card to Softer Soles that I’m going to (gasp) pay for myself because I believe in Tommy so much. To enter, just leave a comment below telling me why you need a pedicure. To get the ball rolling, I’m thinking something along the lines of… “I need a pedicure because my heels are so rough, I can sharpen pencils on them.”

Whatever your response, don’t forget to include your e-mail in the comment so I can get in touch with you if you win.

For a second chance to win (I’ll create two entries for you as opposed to just one), simply tweet the following message on Twitter:

“@DianaTakesaBite, I need Softer Soles! Pick me to win a $25 gift certificate to Softer Soles Nail Salon

I’ll choose the winner next Friday, March 4th with the very sophisticated system of dropping everyone’s name into a mixing bowl.

There may or may not be pasta in that bowl.

Softer Soles
7924 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 601-7534

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 8 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 7 pm


Manicure - $18
Quick Fix Manicure - $10
Kid Manicure - $10
Softer Soles’ Sea Salt Exfoliate Manicure - $28
Dry Hands Therapy Manicure - $35

Color Gel
Gel Manicure - $40
Gelish-cure Extension - $50
Gel Removal Manicure - $30

Acrylic Full Set - $40
Acrylic Fill - $25
Acrylic Removal $15
Extra Long Acrylic Tips - $10 & Up
Cut Down Acrylic - $8
Acrylic Nail Fix - $4 per nail

Pedicure -$25
Quick Fix Pedicure - $12
Kid Pedicure - $10
Sea Salt Exfoliates Pedicure - $35
Callus Treatment Pedicure - $35
Softer Soles Signature Pedicure - $45
Relax-ology Pedicure - $45

Shiny Buff - $5
Nail Art - $5 per design & up
French Polish - $8
Paraffin with Hot Booties or Mittens - $10
Added Callus Treatment - $10
Extra Massage - $1 per minute

Eyebrow clean up - $18
Upper lip wax -$8
Lower lip - $5
Chin - $10
Full arms - $30 and up
Half arms - $18 and up
Full legs - $40 and up
Half legs - $25 and up
Underarms - $15
All off bikini - $45
New World (Half-off) Bikini - $35 and up
Just sides Bikini - $20 and up
Full back wax - $40 and up
Lower back wax - $20
Chest wax - $25 and up
Stomach - $15 and up


Gastronomer said...

After running every single day for over six years, my feet are a mess. Pick me, D takes a B!

Stefani said...

Hey lady! After spinning, elliptical-ing & walking 4-5 days a week, my feet hate me & need some love. Pretty please pick me, with a cherry on top?

You know my email address :)

Katie said...

My love! I need a pedicure because my feet will be numb from pounding the pavement soon! (Sympathy card? No?) :)

Misty said...

I need a pedicure because, after being able to hide my feet in Uggs and boots for months, they could use a little help.

Esi said...

Pick me! My old man hands and feet need some love.

Christina said...

I have a black n blue toe nail from running that needs to be polished up!

Ashley said...

Here's why: after all the marathons, udder balm doesn't even do the trick for my heels anymore. These are dire straits.

g-ma said...

pick me pick me! my feet don't usually see the light of day, so this would be a great chance to show them off!

Alexandra said...

I need a pedicure because the love of my life has a phobia of feet, yet I make him rub them every night : ) Would like to make it more bearable on him!

You know my email... I hope!

oddlyme said...

I have imperfect feet.

There. I've said it.

They say it's genetic - the little hammertoe, the odd angles - all I know is, plants make oxygen, my feet make calluses.

So help is always appreciated.

cheryl said...

Diana, it's like the universe read my mind! I need a sole treat badly. I'm underemployed and haven't had a pedicure in two years. Going to my brother's wedding in March and would love to have my calloused soles smooth and my toenails satiny.


yutjangsah said...

Vu know my veet r verribul. However, i think its gotta be Cheryl for the win,

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

i can't even begin to list all the many reason why I need a pedicure and bad, but suffice it to say that after running a food truck for 9 months these puppies need a good scrub down and some pretty polish! :)