Thursday, March 17, 2011

See's Scotchmallow Bar: An appropriate last dance

It had to be big.

It had to be sweet.

And it had to be chocolate.

When selecting my last post-lunch dessert prior to Lent, See’s Scotchmallow Bar seemed an obvious choice. While I was somewhat dismayed that the 190-calorie-bar only comes in milk chocolate – not the dark chocolate that is reserved for the confectioner’s smaller Scotchmallow pieces – I still felt it would be a worthy indulgence. The one-and-a-half-inch wide, four-inch long bar is a behemoth compared to my usual post-lunch dessert – a couple sections of a dark chocolate bar. Plus, with the weighty milk chocolate layer, it was sure to induce a state of sugar overload, which is exactly what I was hoping my second-to-last-dessert-dance would do.

In my mind, the best way to prepare myself for another 46-day dessert hiatus was by overdosing on something so sweet and so chocolaty that I wouldn’t be able to even look at a piece of chocolate the next day without feeling nauseated. I was priming the pump, so to speak. Priming the pump for deprivation. Or, perhaps more accurately, gorging before a long dark period of hibernation.

As I suspected, See’s Scotchmallow Bar was the perfect choice for the gorge. It’s almost toxically sweet with its thick robe of milk chocolate and hearty interior layers of fluffy marshmallow and buttery caramel. I was ready to stop half-way through, but pushed on – cognizant that the next day I would be drinking green tea for “dessert.” My head and stomach ached by the time I took my last bite.

“How does this only have 190 calories?” I thought.

Suspicious nutrition information aside, See’s Scotchmallow Bar is the perfect way to prepare for a 46-day abstinence from dessert. But for everyday indulgences, I think I’ll stick to the dark chocolate Scotchmallow pieces in the future… approximately 38 days from now.


oddlyme said...

Maybe it's 190 calories an OUNCE?

That would make more sense. And they would list an ounce as a serving? And the average bar is maybe two servings?

Gastronomer said...

I've never eaten a Scotchmallow before! Milk chocolate + marshmallow + caramel = totally up my alley!

Good luck with the deprivation thing.

Esi said...

So will this be the first thing you have when you're back on sugar?

Diana said...

Oddly Me - I kept checking the label and the serving size was for the entire bar! When I was at the store the clerk did make the comment that Scotchmallows have the lowest number of calories and fat grams of all See's chocolates. Strange, huh?

Cathy - It's a must! One of the best treats in the See's counter!

Esi - Haha, no. I think I'd like a salted caramel from Huckleberry, please. ;)

oddlyme said...

190 for that WHOLE BAR?

I have to get to See's NOW!

I have to make up for your deprivation...!

Diana said...

Oddly Me - Please do. I bid you well on your journey while I suffer the pain alone with a cup of tea. Sigh.

Alexandra said...

Wow, giving up dessert for lent. That is tough.My hat is off to you! The Scotchmallow bar is too decadent for words. I must try one!

LubranoMusic2 said...
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Ashley said...

Googling closest See's Candy shop to the finish of the marathon.

Daily Gluttony said...

Love, love, love See's scotchmallow. LOVE.

And I never knew it came in a bar. I am in trouble.

Diana said...

Alexandra - It's crazy decadent! Totally worth the indulgence!

Lubrano - Thanks so much for the kind words!

Ashley - Consider it the marshallowy light at the end of the marathon tunnel. ;) (BTW... closest location is Wilshire and 14th, I believe - right near Huckleberry)

Pam - See's is basically my kryptonite. It's the reason I need to eat so much quinoa. ;)

LubranoMusic2 said...

Very Welcome!