Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with White Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting: I cheated, you win

I cheated.

I didn’t want to cheat. I had no intention of cheating when I pledged to give up desserts for Lent, but it happened.

I did it.

And I’m blaming it all on sour cream.

While sour cream is often used as the base for dips or as a top hat for a baked potato or enchilada, its tart, creamy properties are not just suitable for savories. It does wonders for cakes and muffins, adds just the right zing to pancakes, and is a dream when combined with powdered sugar, white chocolate and butter.

Which is where the whole cheating part comes in.

I was making carrot cake cupcakes a few weekends ago – my mother’s recipe that calls for carrot baby food rather than a heap of shredded carrots – and was experimenting with a new kind of frosting. A frosting that contains a big ole scoop of Knudson/Breakstone’s sour cream.

Because the first rule of cooking (aside from use real butter) is to “taste, taste, taste,” I was faced with a slight dilemma. Did I make the frosting and hope for the best? Or did I take a teensy tiny, itty bitty, microscopic sized taste to make sure I wouldn’t be poisoning the recipients of my dear mother’s cupcakes?

I opted to taste.

I dipped a knife into the sweet puddle of frosting, coating the tip like a snow-capped mountain top. It was barely enough to register on my palate, but I still said a quick prayer asking for forgiveness as I reached my tongue out to lick it off.

I half expected there to be a clap of lightning or a sudden downpour positioned directly over my apartment, but nothing happened. Everything was exactly the same as it had been prior to my licking.

Except, of course, for my feelings of complete delight that my sour cream frosting actually worked. Exclamation point!

The results of that little experiment can be found over there yonder on that there TasteSpotting, which, incidentally, is going a little sour cream crazy this month. Exclamation point squared!

They are hosting a $200 gift card giveaway for anyone who likes Breakstone’s Sour Cream on Facebook, posts their favorite food with sour cream on Breakstone’s wall, and adds “@TasteSpotting” to that post so they can track entrants. (Entries must be received by the end of the month for eligibility.)

Then, for those who feel the need to bleed sour cream into their favorite foods immediately, TasteSpotting is having a “Virtual Sour Cream Party” this Friday, April 15th. Everyone is invited, but to get in the door, you must whip up something delicious with sour cream in it, post it to your blog, and submit it to TasteSpotting by 5 pm (eastern time) tomorrow, Thursday, April 14th. Starting Friday morning, submissions will be showcased on the main TasteSpotting page – you know the one that gets 5 million visitors every month.

To summarize all that sour cream craziness (I know it's a lot to handle) – I cheated, and now you (can) win.

So go do that while I pray for forgiveness -- and go back to snacking on Trader Joe's dried mango.


H. C. said...

Ha, I'm no stranger to making (and "tasting" -- by the handfuls!) sour cream frosting... it's a great way to fill cracks in cheesecakes too!

Ashley said...

I'd like to know where these puppies ended up and why that place wasn't my belly.

bagnatic said...

that puff of sour cream frosting looks fantastic!

Kung Food Panda said...

I swear you and Cathy bake so many damn tasty treats! I will need to try your's one of these days

Gastronomer said...

Say you'll cheat once more at Scarpetta on Sunday?

Your cupcakes look so cute, D!

Diana said...

HC - And a great way to fill the crack between my lips too... ;)

Ashley - Haha, well you were running a marathon at the time, so I figured you wouldn't be interested! ;)

Amy - Thanks Lady! Might be one for you to try when I finally get you that darn cupcake kit! (oops)

Danny - We should do a dinner party with all our combined sweets! And savory eats too...

Cathy - Didn't cheat, but didn't need to with all that cheese and spaghetti! ;)

Naomi said...

I’ve made these cupcakes a jillion times and I love them. I actually usually skip the frosting so I can call them muffins and pretend that they’re healthy.
Today I started to wonder…how do you think they would taste if I used another baby food instead of carrot…like maybe pear or peach? I’m very tempted to try it out!
Also, could I use coconut oil instead of veg oil? I wonder if it would add to the flavour, or would it just be weird?