Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do Not Pass the Pig Ears, Please

Pig knuckles and chicken feathers. These were my mother’s favorite scary stories when my brothers and I were growing up.

“When I was a little girl I had to pluck the chickens,” she told us of her days spent visiting her grandmother Mamie on her farm in Arlington, South Dakota. She went on to provide vivid details about their butcher and how even after the chickens’ heads had been chopped off they’d still run around the yard.

“And the smell,” she continued, pausing for emphasis as she described how Mamie would soak the chickens’ lifeless bodies in the sink so it was easier to remove the feathers. “It filled the entire kitchen. But it was nothing compared to the time I had to eat…(dun, Dun, DUN!)…pig knuckles!”

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Kostbarste said...

LOL!! :)

Interesting story. I'm a Filipino and the eating pork has been part of our everyday life!

We even have a dish of Pig's blood called "Dinuguan" Which translates to blood.

I know it sounds gruesome but it actually tastes great!

I would have to salute you for eating a whole fried pig's ears though. That is one dish i don't think I would want to try.

BTW, if you happen to want to try all sorts of pig dishes, come to the philippines! We've become quite creative in cooking our favorite animal.