Friday, October 11, 2013

Essential Non-Essentials

I don't really have a point to this post today. Tonight. More just an impulse to write about something and nothing at all without a rhyme, reason or recipe to tie it all up neatly in a bow.

Have you ever noticed that everything always seems to run out at the same time?  Usually when it's one of those weeks, when you're pretending to be "on a budget," and then suddenly need to buy cinnamon and tissues and walnuts and red wine because life is so much better with walnuts and red wine.

And, well, tissues.

Usually I try to hold out till the weekend to purchase these essential non-essential life ingredients, but it was also one of those weeks where I thought I might die if I didn't have cinnamon for my oatmeal. And by "cinnamon," I, of course, mean "red wine."

For my mouth.

There was also coffee this week. Coffee whipped with full fat milk and capped off with a heart. Because coffee is so much better when made with heart.

Especially when accompanied by giant crackly-edged peanut butter cookies the size and girth of a small baby's head. As, opposed to, say, a large baby's head.

 Stumptown Coffee Latte + Farmshop Peanut Butter Cookie at Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

I feel like I may have learned something important in the midst of all the weirdness of these past five days, but I'm not entirely sure what that is as of this moment, sprawled out on my couch bearing thick socks and a seaweed mask, the physical manifestations of my Friday night lameness.

But I do know that I feel okay. With the lameness, with the knowledge that there's currently a belt in my purse because sometimes when you've eaten too many crackly-edged peanut butter cookies the size and girth of a small baby's head, you need to take off your belt during dinner, and with all the weirdness that will soon be forgotten. Or at the very least replaced by new weirdness.

Like taking off your belt in the middle of dinner so you can eat an extra slice of pizza.

This weekend will be good. I'm going fake hiking with two of my dearest friends, which means we're going to wear makeup and try not to break an actual sweat, and then replenish our depleted reserves with champagne. You know, essential non-essential life ingredients.

The cinnamon in oatmeal. The hearts on coffee. And that extra slice of pizza.

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