Friday, November 15, 2013

Sound Bites

Because there's not always time for a full meal...

1. The recipe I'm dying to make for someone to make for me - Pumpkin Pie Bread Pudding with Bourbon-Pecan Hard Sauce via Food & Wine.

2. My new obsession - Saako Scarf-Lace. As soon as it's cold enough to wear this without looking like a dork-face, my neck will never see the light of day again. Because not only is this scarf super cool-looking, when I wear it I get to tell people it was handmade by Ana Isabel in Barcelona. Which is, you know, way better than saying your scarf was handmade by a machine in China.

3. My new sippable obsession - Lupicia's Caramel & Rum Rooibos Tea. So it's not actually new to me, but it may be new to you. It doesn't taste particularly rummy, but enough like caramel that you might be able to skip dessert if you are one of those people who does that.

4. Where I've been eating - Trois Mec. You know when you're having one of those weeks where mercury is in retrograde and even though you're a sensible person and don't believe in that, your kitchen sink clogs, your hairdryer breaks and you can't find the $500 check that you're sure you stored in a safe place because… you're a sensible person. And then you get an invite to attend a special book dinner at one of the most exciting new restaurants in not just LA, but the country. You say "yes" without hesitation because it's Daniel Patterson and Ludo Lefebvre, and suddenly find yourself walking into a former pizzeria with an open kitchen of chefs beckoning you inside with a chorus of "Bonjours!" Before you know what's happening, you're sipping Blanc de Blanc and munching on Patterson's brown rice crackers and avocado like this is what you always do on Wednesday nights. After a circus of dishes, Lefebvre's famed potato pulp is placed before you - a snow-like mound of potato tendrils, nourished by an indecent amount of brown butter, flecks of bonito flakes, onion soubise, and salers cheese. And it no longer matters that your kitchen sink is clogged and your hairdryer is broken and you may never see that $500 again. Because you're eating potato pulp in a former pizzeria in a strip mall, and life is pretty darn good.

5. What I'm reading - Life & Thyme. Just when you think there can't possibly be room for another food blog in Los Angeles, you stumble upon a site that's doing things so differently that you remember why you read food blogs in the first place. Photos that put your Instagram feed to shame, words that paint a picture as vivid as those images, and stories that capture exactly why Los Angeles is such an exciting place to be eating and drinking right now. It's about thyme.

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