Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sound Bites: I stopped eating dessert edition

Because there's not always time for a full meal...

1. The recipe I'm dying to make - Salted Chocolate-Rye Cookies via Tasting Table - I'm currently on Day 18 of no desserts after ripping two pairs of jeans and one dress during the holidays, but have my eye on these rye chocolate chip cookies from Tartine's master baker Chad Robertson for when I reach my threshold of self-flagellation. Or, you know, stop ripping my friggin' clothes.

2. My new obsession - Retinol - Last month I nearly had a minor meltdown at my dermatologist's office when she told me, without pausing for pleasantries, that I need to "work" on my skin. And, oh yeah, that I'm getting OLD. Okay, so she didn't actually say I'm getting old, but recommending anti-aging products is the same thing, and, guys, I'm 30 now so that basically means I'm a heart beat away from 50. In 20 years. But whatever. I nodded my head (so I wouldn't cry), and pulled out my credit card even though I still had Christmas presents to buy, and $75 later I had my first bottle of retinol. I want to hate her (the evil workhorse dermatologist) for almost making me ugly cry, but the thing is… IT WORKS. While my skin has been clearing up since I cut out dairy milk this past November (more on that later), the retinol has taken it to the next level of clearedness. Or clearness, if you want to be grammatically correct about it. The point is, my skin tone is starting to even out, the sunspots that came out of nowhere when I turned 27 are lighter, and I'm drinking the crap out of the retinol Kool-Aid.

3. My new edible obsession - Avocados - I know avocados aren't exactly new to my universe or the universe in general, but when you haven't had dessert in 18 days, they suddenly become like the best thing you've ever eaten ever, EVER and suddenly everything needs to have avocado on it. Except for oatmeal because that would be weird. Right?

4. What I've been drinking - Zin Your Face California Zinfandel - I couldn't help myself. It's no 7even Deadly Zins, but totally drinkable on a Tuesday night while watching "The Mindy Project" and eating a bowl of avocado.

5. What I've been reading - I Watch The Bachelor So You Don't Have To - There are approximately five things I read on the Internet that have nothing to do with food, and this tumblr from local LA blogger Andrea Isasi is one of them. She says everything I am screaming in my head when watching "The Bachelor" in a way that makes me snort and feel like I could totally win at life, because at least I'm not a "Free Spirit" who doesn't wear shoes.


Gastronomer said...

My mom likes to eat avocados sprinkled with white sugar -- a Vietnamese treat! I like these Sound Bites, D!

Diana said...

Thanks, C! I'm having fun with them...nice to mix it up a bit. Or "a bite." ;) I'll have to try avocados sprinkled with sugar!