Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sound Bites: Sushi Park Edition

Because there's not always time for a full meal…

1. The recipe I'm dying to make - Bucatini with Butter-Roasted Tomato Sauce via Bon Appétit- While quinoa is usually my jam when I'm cooking for myself at home (as opposed to, you know, at a library), pasta is what I crave when all the signals are red, I can't find a parking spot and Bruno Mars is on every radio station. This dish will clearly solve all my life's problems, and after I eat it, I'll never have to hear "Locked Out of Heaven" ever ever again.

2. What I've been drinking - 2011 Morelli Sangiovese - I picked up a bottle of this way-too-easy-to-drink red red wine at the recommendation of Whitney of Brunellos Have More Fun on one of those Friday nights when I really needed a way-too-easy-to-drink red red wine. (See: Bruno Mars, life problems) I was planning to tell you how well-balanced it is even before reading the description on domaineLA's website that articulates the same, so I'm feeling preeeetty proud of myself. I'm basically a master sommelier now. Holla.

3. Where I've been eating - Sushi Park - True story. Three point five years ago I went on a first date with a rather dishy English bloke who never called me again even though I was like a total charmer in my merino wool sweater and denim skirt combo, and offered to go halvsies on the bill. I was a little sad face because he was a little hot face, but he did leave me the best gift a guy can give a girl who is me: the name of his favorite restaurant in LA. While it took me three years to make it to the second-floor-of-a-strip-mall sushi hideaway, it's quickly entered into my top five dining destinations in Los Angeles. I love that it feels like a discovery, even if it wasn't my own, and love that each bite of the obscenely fresh fish elicits the kind of eyes-rolling-back-in-head reaction that is necessary for a girl who is dating her food. Uni > Spooning. Sushi Park, 8539 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069, (310) 652-0523

4. What I've been watching - her - I haven't been quite able to figure out why this movie from Spike Jonze left such a strong impression on me. It's not the typical sort of film I gravitate toward (aka ones that tie up into neat little happy pink bows), but it both charmed and depressed me in a way that makes me wonder how and why that happened. So now I want everyone to go see it so we can have a long discussion about it at a coffee shop in Silver Lake while wearing our black skinny jeans.

5. My new edible obsession - Fage Vanilla Fruyo - This is basically dessert disguised as yogurt. So that's nice. Plus there are actual flecks of vanilla bean in there, which is also nice. I'd totally sit around with my girl friends talking about it for like an hour. "Giiiiiiiirl, this yogurt is like running at the beach in February good." True story, by the way. Sorry, Chicago friends.


Gastronomer said...

Love these snippets!

Uni > Spooning -- Ha!

And I need to see Her. Then we need to discuss.

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