Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sound Bites: I'm basically a hipster edition

Because there's not always time for a full meal…

1. The recipe I'm dying to make - Green Beans with Walnut-Miso Sauce via Mark Bittman/The New York Times - One would think that after another Lent without dessert, I'd be pining for chocolate-studded pastries and cookies the size and girth of my head, but instead all I really want is a giant bowl of these green beans. Served with tofu and the brown rice below. Because, I am the worst.

2. My new edible obsession - Koda Farms Organic Heirloom Kokuho Rose Brown Rice - I was introduced to this slightly sweet, mildly earthy rice via the sorrel pesto rice bowl at Sqirl, and since discovering its availability at my local gourmet market, Monsieur Marcel, cannot fathom cooking with any other type. The texture is unlike any rice I've had before - creamy like arborio, but with more heft and bite, so is perfect as a canvas for all sorts of things that weird people like me eat. You know, green beans and tofu; white beans with parsley pesto; and braised kale with a fried egg.

3. What I'm drinking - Kombucha Tea - It started innocently with a free sample of Better Booch's Apple Ginger at my Melrose Place Farmers Market last Sunday, a sample that led to a purchase, that led to a mid-week trip to Alfred Coffee + Kitchen to get bottles of Health-Ade's Pomegranate and Pink Lady Apple, that led to a subsequent inhalation of Kombucha Wonder Drink's Asian Pear & Ginger at Zinc Cafe on Saturday. My body is like pumped full of probiotics right now. I'm basically invincible, and two steps away from buying a Vespa and ceasing all hair-washing activity.

4. My new obsession - Buying myself flowers - I never really thought of myself as one of those girls who feels gooshy over a bouquet of flowers, but recently I've been feeling, well, gooshy over a bouquet of flowers. I blame this, again, entirely on my Farmers Market, which has made it far too easy to decide on a Sunday morning that I need to have a dozen pink roses as much as, if not more so, than I do that bushel of kale. And you know what? I really do. Everything feels just a little bit better when there's a vase filled with flowers to look at all week long.

5. Where I've been eating - Osteria Mozza - Even after 6 1/2 years, this is still my favorite place to be in all of Los Angeles - especially on a Saturday evening spent with two of my best friends from college. Mozza memories are the best kind. And the antidote to any weird kombucha-sipping, miso green bean-lusting, hipster-approaching behavior.

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